Wood Burning Stoves

Advantages of Wood Burning Stoves

There are many advantages of installing a Wood Burning Stoves into your home, for most people its for the eye-catching, cosy focal point it creates in your living room. In addition they provide people with the look and feel of a real fire, whilst avoiding the smell, soot and smoke from the fire. By installing a wood burning stove, it helps bring us the feeling of being warm and safe, something which has come through the generations of the human race for thousands of years.

Portway 3 Wood Burning StoveIn addition to adding a warm focal point to your home, another one of the advantages of wood burning stoves is by installing a stove, it can add value to your home. Estate agents have expressed how installing a wood burning stove into the living area helps sell a property much quicker. In addition to provide an extra, eco-friendly stove into your home it can help you achieve your asking price quicker. One of the other main advantages of wood burning stoves is that they are a highly efficient way to heat your home. They are considerably cheaper to run that a conventional gas, oil or electric heating systems. Often they can be as much as three times cheaper than conventional heating, they can of course be more in some cases.

As the UK is consistently becoming more environmentally aware, most gardeners would agree that the climate is already changing, which is reflected in every gar and electric bill. It is a constant reminder of the way in which we heat our homes will not be sustainable for the future. This is where wood burning stoves are in their element, although you are releasing carbon into the atmosphere as you burn your logs or pellets. The same carbon would also be released when a tree dies and rots in a forest. When new trees are planted, and harvested again for renewable resource, the trees which was planted, will absorb the same carbon which is used during the burning process. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly ways to heat your home.

Many of Leeds Stoves Centre Wood Burning Stoves also contain a clean burn system. This is perfect for ensuring that all gases which are released during the burning process are burnt off. It works by recycling the burnt gases back into the burning area so that they can also be burnt off which means only a small amount of gas is released into the atmosphere during the burning process.

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