Wood Burning Stoves York

Wood Burning Stoves York And Why They Are Energy Efficient

Wood burning stoves York and across the rest of the country are generally regarded as being one of the most energy efficient ways of providing heat to a home or business. The answer as to why this is the case lies in two main areas. Firstly, the fuel you are burning is environmentally friendly – far more so than fossil fuels like gas and electricity. And secondly, the means by which the fuel is burnt is more economical too. Yorkshire stoves that rely on wood to produce heat energy tend to be much more efficient than alternatives such as an open fire or a gas fire. Here, we explain more.

Wood Burning Yorkshire Stoves Use Fuel From Sustainable Sources

Of all the fuels we use to create energy to heat our homes and businesses, wood is widely acknowledged as being the most environmentally friendly. This is for two reasons. The number one reason is that wood comes from a sustainable source. In other words, it’s a renewable form of energy. We now acknowledge the importance of taking a longer-term view of our use of natural resources and great attention is paid worldwide to ensuring new stocks of trees are planted as grown ones are harvested. This is in contrast to reserves of oil and gas, which are not renewable in the same way. The second reason is that harmful emissions are less from wood burning stoves York wide. It’s estimated that woodburning stoves York using wood pellets produce 0.02kg of carbon dioxide and using wooden logs produces just 0.008kg, compared to 0.53kg produced by electricity and 0.2kg by gas.

Why And How Wood Burners York Are Designed For Heat Efficiency

Additionally, of course, growing trees use CO2 from the atmosphere too, so the process of planting, harvesting, burning and replanting trees becomes practically carbon neutral. Then, there’s the design of wood burning stoves York area and beyond. It’s generally accepted that good quality stoves that burn wood run at around 80% efficiency. What this means in practice is that 80% of the heat generated by the wood burning process is released into the room it’s intended to heat. It’s true that the remaining 20% escapes up the chimney. However, this is in stark comparison to open fires, which tend only to be about 32% efficient, or gas fires that operate at around 55% efficiency. And unlike open fires in particular, with wood burners York wide and beyond, the heat output can be regulated, as well as the speed with which the fuel is burnt. These are all excellent reasons for investing in a good quality wood burner for your home!

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