Wood burning stoves in Bradford can save you money

At the back end of the year 2013, we saw at least three of the Big Six energy providers to homes and businesses in the United Kingdom, announce a massive increase and this has had a huge impact on millions of customers all across the country.

So as we begin to get over yet another cold spell, major flooding, and reports of snow coming our way it is not surprising why many homes are looking for cheaper alternatives to heating their homes.

If you are based in Bradford and surrounding areas wood burning stoves in Bradford homes could be the answer we have all been waiting for.

In fact in a recent report by Hetas the industry regulatory body, wood burning stoves in Bradford homes and the rest of the country have increased five times since the year 2007 with at least 175,000 homes in the United Kingdom installing at least one wood burner each year.

If you are considering shopping around at wood burning stoves Bradford based companies, did you know they could be saving you money on your energy bills?  Now this is music to our ears.

Wood burning stoves in Bradford and the rest of the country will cost on average £0.04p per kilowatt hours which in comparison to the average gas price of £0.06p (based on the new tariff from 15 November 2013).

With the price of gas showing no signs of slowing down as the energy providers state there could be further increases to come, buying wood burning stoves, Bradford based should be considered and potentially there is £300 worth of savings to benefit from each year.

If you were to buy your stove from wood burning stoves, Bradford based companies then you can expect to pay between £1,350 and £3,750, so although there is a significant capital outlay to consider this will soon be paid off.  It is worth doing your research and taking a look at stoves in Bradford that meet your budget, your style and your requirements.  The price is usually dependant on the heat output.  Dependant on the amount of usage and whether you plan to heat your whole home with a wood burning stove the cost of logs can cost between £50 and £150 each year.

It can be fed pellets, logs and other smokeless fuels.  Bear in mind however that if you live in a city such as Bradford it can be more expensive that outer suburbs but you can supplement your wood with smokeless fuel which will help keep the costs down.  Overall wood burning stoves in Bradford are the cheaper option long term.  Plus who can resist sitting at home with friends and family away from the winter weather and enjoy the warmth of a wood burning stove.  There is something quite relaxing about a wood burning stove too.

Enjoy shopping for wood burning stoves in Bradford and surrounding areas and you too can soon be enjoying these benefits and loving the decrease in your energy bills.

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