Wood Burning Stove Myths

Aarrow StovesEnjoying the warmth of a roaring fire is something which most of us would hate to miss. Whenever we think of fireplaces or fires, the first choice is always a wood burning fireplace. However, the availability of a lot of other options today, forces us to re-think our decision. Also, the common myths with regards to using a wood fire is one of the reasons people look for gas stoves, multi-fuel stoves and electric stoves.

Myth: Wood burning is harmful for the environment
Fact: A tree when burnt releases the same amount of carbon that it consumes in its lifetime. So, it is carbon neutral and much greener than burning fossil fuels. Now, wood burning stoves are equipped with clean burn technologies that significantly reduce the particulate emissions.

Myth: Wood burning stoves are less efficient
Fact: Using a high-quality wood burning stove will yield between 70-85% efficiency with the door closed while the efficiency is nearly 20% with open fires. That means, in case of wood stoves just 15-20% of the heat is wasted and in an open fire, over four fifths of the heat is lost up your chimney.

Myth: Wood burning stoves require heavy maintenance
Fact: Modern wood burning stoves come with clean burn technology, which helps to keep the glass clean by blowing hot air down it. However, the ashes need to be removed from time to time – may be once a week – as compared to daily as in the case of open fires. The chimney needs to be cleaned by a professional to ensure no build up and to retain safety and efficiency.

Myth: I can burn anything on a wood-burning stove
Broseley StovesFact: Only seasoned, well-dried wood are meant to be burnt on a wood burning stove, unless you are using a multi-fuel stove. Burning rubbish or treated wood release harmful chemicals into the air and leave a nasty residue in your stove.

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