Why Use a Defra Approved Stove?

Gas and electricity are not the only sources of energy that can be used to fuel a stove. Cooking and heating of living spaces was necessary way before gas and electricity came onto the scene. Most of these early types of stove use involved using wood as the fuel. This is often the case with some alternatively powered stoves these days too.

One of the goals of Defra – or the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – is to monitor and guide on the fuel being burnt and its pollution. There is now a Clean Air Act in place that guides users of stoves in using smokeless fuels and keeping their Smoke Control Areas clean. Wood emits a lot of smoke, this can contribute to air pollution.

Defra regulate the type of stoves in operation, and they are particularly concerned about wood burning stoves. Some of these stoves have been approved by Defra for use and can be found available for purchase either online or in DIY or hardware stores.

One of the biggest benefits of using a stove that has been approved by Defra is that you can burn wood in your local area. If you are approached by the authorities then you will be able to tell them that your stove has been approved by Defra and you are therefore not in violation of the Clean Air Act. Neither will you be contributing to the air pollution situation if you use one of these stoves.

Stoves that have been approved by Defra are great for those who would like to heat particular areas of their homes or to cook meals. They do not produce a lot of smoke and therefore you will not be contributing to air pollution.

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