Why is Black So Hot When Almond is Cool?

A modern fire shouldn’t produce so much smoke or smears that you notice significant smudges on your heating appliance. So why are most wood burning stoves and even smokeless imitation gas and electric appliances coloured Black? Is there a brighter alternative?

A reason to keep it Black may be that a neutral colour matches any colour in your décor. Black also shows off the flames well. However, for some interior designs, Black may be little too dark for your comfort. So if, like me, you wish to lighten up your home, then you’ll be pleased to see the Almond range in stoves.

This lighter colour range could be a particularly good match for open plan where you have a bright stainless steel kitchen en-suite. A light tone smooth textured heater blends with furniture and curtains and the blaze seems less threatening and even friendlier.

Lighter coloured appliances also convey to me a stronger impression of clean fuel. That is you don’t even associate your heater with the fuel.

Almond stoves look outstanding when you set them off with contrasting black fireplace inserts. How splendid, now your stove really looks bright and clean. So you might agree with me, a light colour for your stove provides a more modern, easy going, and clean looking style. Now the real choice is yours!¬

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