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Multifuel Stoves vs. Woodburning Stoves in Ilkley

Multifuel Stoves vs. Woodburning Stoves in Ilkley When you’re on the hunt for a new stove, you’ll find yourself faced with a few different options to choose from; multifuel stoves and woodburning stoves are two of the most common of these options. Though the main difference between the two is the fuel type that’s used, Continue reading

Why Use a Defra Approved Stove?

Gas and electricity are not the only sources of energy that can be used to fuel a stove. Cooking and heating of living spaces was necessary way before gas and electricity came onto the scene. Most of these early types of stove use involved using wood as the fuel. This is often the case with Continue reading

Things to Avoid Burning in a Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are a fantastic, stylish and economical way to heat a room in your home. They also allow you to burn wood from a wide range of different sources, making it very easy to find cheap fuel and keep energy costs down. However, not every kind of wood is suitable for use in Continue reading

Stove Renovations in Leeds

Your kitchen would definitely look incomplete without stoves. Stove is an important tool and machine on your house. It enables you to cook and do lots of things using the heat from the stove. In the long period use of your stove probably you might experience some minor malfunctions in the performance of your stove. Continue reading

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Wood Burning Stove

Multi-fuel and wood burning stoves are rising in popularity. More people are looking for a way to save on fuel bills whilst being more environmentally friendly. In addition, many stoves are so well designed that they bring an aesthetic centrepiece to the room that is at the core of many happy family memories and good Continue reading

Use Free Wood On Your Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are rising in popularity. They’re known for being excellent producers of heat, being far more environmentally friendly and do not emit the harmful gasses that are damaging our atmosphere. Stoves also look very good. They are stylish and make the ideal accompaniment to the tastefully decorated home. For builders who want to Continue reading

The Best Wood For Your Wood Burning Stove

Although every owner of a wood burning stove recognises that wood should be dry and seasoned to deliver the best performance, not every owner is aware of the different types of wood available. The type of wood that you burn will have a big difference on how much heat your stove produces and how fast Continue reading

6 Reasons Why You Need a Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are very popular at the moment. It’s no wonder really. There are many reasons why people are buying them. We’ve picked out the top 6 reasons why you need a wood burning stove in your life. Everybody loves an open fire. What’s not to love! A wood burning stove gives the authentic Continue reading

How to Select the Best Firewood for Your Wood Burning Stove

When it comes to firewood, there are plenty of opportunities to save money with a wood burning stove. For example, if you buy your wood when its green and store it yourself, then you will already be making a huge saving. When you buy wood, remember that the denser and heavier it is, the more Continue reading