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Buying a Log burner or Multi-fuel stove

A wood burning or multi-fuel stove can be a great focal point in your living room, creating a real cosy atmosphere. Here is our guide to buying a log burner or multi-fuel stove. What type of fuel do you want to burn? Wood is a carbon-neutral fuel, as the carbon it gives off is counteracted Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Fireplace For Your Home

How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Home A fireplace can be a great addition to your house. They can not only bring warmth and cosiness to your home during winters, it can also add aesthetic value and change the interiors of a room dramatically. Adding a fireplace to your house is no longer Continue reading

3 Ways Your Wood Stove Will Save You Money & The Environment

If you’re on our blog site, you are either investigating the possibility of buying a wood stove, or you have already got one installed and want to get the maximum return from your investment. Whichever the case is, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can stretch your budget further whilst you help the Continue reading

Why is Black So Hot When Almond is Cool?

A modern fire shouldn’t produce so much smoke or smears that you notice significant smudges on your heating appliance. So why are most wood burning stoves and even smokeless imitation gas and electric appliances coloured Black? Is there a brighter alternative? A reason to keep it Black may be that a neutral colour matches any Continue reading

Cleaning Your Wood Burning Stove – Cleaning the Glass

If you’re getting a bit fed up with soot build up on the inside of your wood burning stove glass then here’s what we advise to do to clean the glass. Why Does Soot Build Up On The Wood Burning Stove Glass? In our experience, this soot situation occurs due to the wood stove burning Continue reading


  We are sometimes asked difficult questions such as how long a wood fire will burn, how much fuel is needed to heat rooms and which fuels are the cheapest. Well it’s no excuse to say that no one really knows the answer to these questions. That’s because every house and every lifestyle is different. Continue reading

Using Multi Fuel Stoves Efficiently

With energy prices rising every year, multi fuel stoves are growing in popularity and this trend is not looking like it’s going to pass any time soon. Generally they are used to heat up your home during the winter. Although multi fuel stoves can burn other fuels, most people use them to burn wood. Effectively Continue reading

A Wood Stove: The Secret to Enjoying Heating Efficiency

  Wood stove heating efficiency differs between each model. However it is not always understood what benefits can come from heating the home with wood. If you already have an open fireplace then you may already be aware that the efficiency of that in terms of heat is just 10%. So you are receiving 10% Continue reading

Save The Environment; Use Wood Burning Stove

The growing dangers of global warming are a matter of concern for all of us. The excessive burning of fossil fuels has led to this menace and we can save our environment by starting from our home. Instead of using fossil fuels, we should use fuel-efficient stoves for heating your rooms. Wood burning and pellet Continue reading