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Multi-Fuel and Woodburning – The Correct Method of Fuelling

Recently we have had many customers at the Leeds Stove Centre asking if it is the right thing to burn wood on an evening and then add coal before bedtime, close down the air and slumber the stove overnight, or alternatively, to burn coal and then put on a log when they want a larger Continue reading

As a Tadcaster resident, why should I choose a wood burning stove?

We recently got asked this question by one our customers and we hope to answer this for many customers who ask the same question. You will read further about how Tadcaster stoves can benefit from locally sourced wood, readily available, but first of all, a little about Tadcaster. Tadcaster is a market town and civil parish Continue reading

How Can You Get The Best from Your Multi Fuel Stove?

With the UK’s fuel bills running at an all-time high, multi fuel stoves are becoming more popular by the day. Being able to cut back on bills for gas and electricity is proving to be one of the biggest reasons to make a purchase. Although multi fuel stoves have the name that they do, they Continue reading


  We are sometimes asked difficult questions such as how long a wood fire will burn, how much fuel is needed to heat rooms and which fuels are the cheapest. Well it’s no excuse to say that no one really knows the answer to these questions. That’s because every house and every lifestyle is different. Continue reading

Using Multi Fuel Stoves Efficiently

With energy prices rising every year, multi fuel stoves are growing in popularity and this trend is not looking like it’s going to pass any time soon. Generally they are used to heat up your home during the winter. Although multi fuel stoves can burn other fuels, most people use them to burn wood. Effectively Continue reading

Multi Fuel Stoves also Act as a Home Décor Item

A Multi fuel stove is used to burn different types of fuel that may be coal, oil, wood or peat. The multi fuel stove also supports chambers that enable you to burn different fuels. It also comes with the grate and grill panels where the fuel can be used for burning. The multi fuel stoves Continue reading