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Esse 500 Gas Stove

The Esse 500 Gas Stove Half of all utility costs in a standard home can be attributed to heating during the winter months. One would think that with all the advancements made throughout the years on everything from computers to cars that drive themselves someone would have come up with a cheaper solution to heat Continue reading

Wood Burning Stove Myths

Enjoying the warmth of a roaring fire is something which most of us would hate to miss. Whenever we think of fireplaces or fires, the first choice is always a wood burning fireplace. However, the availability of a lot of other options today, forces us to re-think our decision. Also, the common myths with regards Continue reading

High Efficiency Gas Fires are the Solution to Price Hikes

  As our long lovely summer draws to a close many of us are turning our attentions once again to heating our homes. Every year it seems we work harder just to pay for the essentials, spending hours in the office so we can meet the weekly bills. With gas prices showing no signs of Continue reading