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Stoves Harrogate Wide Are Saving Owners Money

Stoves Harrogate wide represent a good investment for homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills and help save the planet at the same time. You may have seen stories in the media about the advantages and cost benefits of multi fuel or wood burning stoves in comparison to using central heating systems throughout your home, for instance. It’s true that there can be money to be saved, especially if you use your stove cleverly and source fuel for it as cheaply as you can. Here, we look at a few tips at how householders can maximise savings with their Yorkshire stoves once they are in place.

How Yorkshire Stoves Can Be Used To Reduce Heating Costs

If you look at the cost of wood, for instance, and compare that against the price charged for electricity or gas, you’ll see that there is potential here for households to reduce their energy bills with wood burning stoves Harrogate wide. The Biomass Energy Centre lists the typical calorific values of various types of fuel. You can use this information to calculate the cost of burning wood compared to the use of gas and electricity by calculating the price of each per kilowatt hour (kWh). These calculations show that wood can be up to three times cheaper than gas, and up to ten times less expensive than electricity. This is based on the least expensive and most commonly bought type of fuel for wood burners, green wood. So, customers who use their stoves Harrogate wide to heat a single room, for example, could end up paying less than if they used a gas or electric fire to do the same job.

How To Capitalise On The Heat Emitted From Woodburning Stoves Harrogate Wide

Multi fuel stoves Harrogate wide are worth considering too. These give you more options for the types of fuel you can burn, allowing you more flexibility when shopping around for the cheapest materials. But as well as sourcing fuel more cheaply, there are other ways to make savings by utilising your stove to its best effect, especially at certain times of the year. Instead of having the central heating radiators on full when outdoor temperatures are still cool in spring and autumn, you could heat your living room with your stove during the evening. Then, open all internal doors throughout your home for the rest of the night. The residual heat will take the edge off those chilly nights. In winter, while woodburning stoves Harrogate wide are heating the main living areas of a home, the use of thermostatic radiator valves in other less-utilised rooms will further cut gas and/ or electricity bills.

Find The Best Range Of Stoves Harrogate With Expert Advice From Leeds Stove Centre

Of course, the reason many people invest in these types of stoves Harrogate wide is that the roaring flames provide an attractive feature in any home. That visual effect alone can make your home feel cosier and warmer! So whether your aim is to save money on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, or add style to your overall interior décor, you need a company you can trust to sell you the right stove for your home. Speak to us at Leeds Stove Centre on 0113 255 5622. You can also view details of the products we stock on our website at, then visit us to see our stoves in action at our dedicated showroom in Stanningley.