Leeds Stove Centre Proud to be Awarded Merlin Stoves Approved Stockist

Leeds Stove Centre Proud to be Awarded Merlin Stoves Approved Stockist

We at Leeds Stove Centre, pride ourselves on offering the top of the line when it comes to providing you with a new stove for your home. We have all of the brand name stoves you would expect in a high end stove centre and now we are proud to announce that we have been awarded Merlin Stoves Approved Stockist.

Leeds Stove Centre is always looking to expand our inventory of available stove manufactures and is very pleased to be able to offer these strikingly beautiful stoves to our beloved customers. Anyone can manufacture a stove, but to truly make a mark on society you have to make a product that can stand the test of time and stand far and above other brands. Merlin Stoves achieves this with very high standards.

Clean Designs

Many stove designs tend to look old and clunky. Merlin stoves are designed in a way that makes them a true focal point of the room. They do not design merely a way to heat your home, but a stove that offers both fashion, as well as function. Merlin designs every stove with contemporary concepts that fit well in any home. You will not be disappointed in your decision to purchase a Merlin stove.

High Efficiency

Stove manufactures often advertise that their stoves offer the highest quality heating ability with high efficiency heating output. Truthfully, many stove manufactures simply copy the makes and models of other stove manufactures and only change a few design aspects to make the stove seem like a new concept. Merlin stoves however do not do this. Instead of the simple copy and change concept, they are working hard to manufacture stoves that have a great design, but have the added bonus of high heating efficiency.

Merlin stoves make each stove to the highest quality of efficiency available. With many stoves, the heat quickly disperses once the fire is extinguished inside. Merlin Stoves, however use a twin skinned insulated jacket that holds onto the heat far longer than other stoves in production today. That means that should the stoves fire burn out in the middle of the night, the heating will continue into the early morning. It may not seem like it would make a big difference, but when you wake up to a cold house from using a substandard stove you will view the heating efficiency of stoves in general a great deal differently.

No Fuss Heating Solutions

The problem with most stoves is that they have to be constantly checked and the flame brought back to life. Merlin stoves do not need to be pampered, so to speak. Each Merlin stove is equipped with a RAM Air System. This is a Rapid Air Movement system that effectively moves air throughout the unit allowing the flame to instantly light and heat the surrounding area. The air is moved in a circular pattern around the fuel source instantly igniting the fuel inside. This form of intelligent heating allows the stove to be ideal for busy individuals that do not have time to constantly check on and re-ignite the stove.

Unique Flue Design

When installing a new stove in your home consideration for the flue plays a big part in the stoves installation. With most companies they offer you a choice between a top or rear mounted flue. Depending on your choice preference will affect the installation of the stove. You will also have to deal with ensuring you receive the correct flue for your stove. A company sending out the wrong flue can cause you to have to wait a great deal of time for the correct flue to arrive.

Merlin stoves have patented a solution to this current and all too often problem that stove manufactures and customers encounter. The flue design in a Merlin stove is equipped with swivel technology. There is no need to send back the incorrect part to receive the other style. This swivel mounted flue is designed to attach to either top or rear mounted stove designs.

Clear Glass

Stoves often have a design flaw in which the glass often becomes smoky and unclear. Suit build up on the glass has to be cleaned on a regular basis to allow the glass to remain clear so the beauty of the fire within can shine through. Each Merlin stove contains a unique baffle plate that keeps any unwanted residue from accumulating on the glass.

We at Leeds Stove Centre have a commitment to our customers to always offer the best brand available to the public and we have found the top quality brand in Merlin stoves. Please feel free to come by our showroom today to see all of the beautiful and efficient Merlin stoves on display. You will not be disappointed in the look and heating ability of any of the striking Merlin stoves you will find here at Leeds Stove Centre.


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Leeds Stove Centre Fitting Special Offer

Leeds Stove Centre Fitting – Special Offer

We all have a great desire to have our homes be a showcase for when our friends come to visit. The showcase atmosphere can be achieved through the addition of specific furniture or fabrics throughout the home. The use of specific colours and artistic touches are relatively easy to achieve and can change the entire dynamic of a home. Most people have very little trouble with decorating, but find appliance installation to be a bit out of reach.

It is very easy to install a simple stove or refrigerator, but when the installation requires more than just a simple plug and go application, people tend to want to look for a professional to handle the job. This is often the best and safest course of action to take. A professional installation of an appliance comes with the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done correctly and there is little chance for malfunction while using the appliance.

The employees of Leeds Stove Centre are professionals when it comes to stoves. You may think that all the employees of Leeds Stove Centre know is how to sell you a stove, but you would be wrong. They can both sell you a beautiful stove that is perfect for your needs, as well as install it for you. When they install your stove you can rest assured that the job will be done in the correct manner. With the job professionally accomplished by our trained employees you can sleep easily while one of our stylish stoves warms your entire home.

Out With the Old and In With the New

When choosing to convert your existing fireplace to that of a woodburning or gas stove, certain safety issues come into play when removing the existing fireplace. Many homes still contain the old style of fireplaces that are not up to code and can be very dangerous to operate. Our trained professional stove installers will remove the old fireplace and prepare the space for the new unit. They also install a 316/316 Solid fuel flue liner. The liner is guaranteed for an entire 10 years. There are not many products on the market today that will ensure their product for that long of a period of time.

Perfect Fit

Fireplaces are different in every home. We want to ensure that you are happy with the installation of your new stove; we make adjustments according to your needs and that of the fireplace. Whether your fireplace requires a new beam installation or other refitting needed to allow the stove to sit perfectly inside the fireplace and be a true asset to your home.


Fireplaces can be the dirtiest parts of our home. Suit build up on bricks can leave an unsightly reminder of what was once there. Unlike other companies that will make you do the cleaning, we want complete customer satisfaction with ever install we perform. Many people do not understand how to clean the bricks in a fireplace. They will simply scrub the build-up off. Scrubbing removes the outer layer, but bricks are naturally porous by nature so to obtain a deep clean we use brick acid to penetrate deep within the brick and draw out all of the grime scrubbing cannot reach.

Some brick fireplaces may be beyond cleaning due to not being maintained properly or the customer just may be tired of the brick façade altogether, so for that we offer fitted fireboards to completely change the look of the space. Either way you choose we work hard to achieve the look of a clean space around the stove.

Proper Connections

In any stove installation the most important aspect is that the smoke from the stove is properly ventilated.  Each piece of the process is perfectly fitted together to offer the utmost in ventilation to ensure that smoke never backs up into the unit or worse, your home. We also ensure the safety of the unit by installing stove to flue liners, so there is no risk of a fire starting from the stove. Our installers check each component during the installation so they will know that every install is done in a safe and productive manner.

HETAS Certificate

Many companies do not back their work. They simply send someone out to do the job and if something happens after the fact, it is the problem of the home owner. Leeds Stove Centre prides itself on perfection in every install we perform. To keep our installers accountable we have them and you sign off with a HETAS Certificate. HETAS Certification is not a requirement for companies, but is an added feature we use to show our customers just how much we care about the work we do.

On Special

An install such as this usually costs £1399. For a limited time we are offering our customers this professional installation for only £899. This is a tremendous discount for our customers and will not last long, so act now and either visit our website at www.leedstovecentre.co.uk or come into the store to see all the stoves on display in our showroom.

There are a lot of stove installers in our line of work, but what sets us apart from all the rest is our attention to detail. We treat ever install on an individual basis and want your new stove to look just as wonderful as it did when you looked at it in our showroom.

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Wood Burner Owners Warned to Stop Stealing Wood for Use as Firewood

Wood burning stoves are increasing in popularity year after year. This is due in part to the rising cost of fuel and that people are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes. Wood is a renewable resource that is available throughout the world, so it would make sense that more and more people are turning to wood burning stoves as a means to cut costs in a household.

Shaving a little cost from our everyday lives helps us have a little more money to go around. Some people find that clipping coupons helps them find the extra they need, while some simply turn down the thermostat during the winter and bundle up in blankets. I even know of one man who dressed up in a wetsuit all winter long while he was at home to keep from cutting the heat on at all. Although this final example is not recommended, it is proof that people will go to great lengths to save money, even stealing.

Stealing from Nature

Nature provides us with all of the goodness we need to survive. Even though most of us believe we cannot possibly service without our cell phones, nature is a great provider of food, shelter, and even all the tools needed to make fire. There is a problem, however, as of late, where people are stealing nature’s natural resources in order to heat their homes.

Nature preserves around the country are being targeted by thieves who are simply looking for a free way to heat their homes. As these thieves are not going onto the preserves and cutting down trees, they are still committing a crime. Often, donations of piles of wood are set out in these preserves to encourage a place for wildlife to grow and have a place to live. As humans, we see decaying wood as simply an eyesore, but for woodland creatures it can be a source for a meal of insects or a relaxing place for snakes to get out of the hot sun. Some people simply see these piles of wood as a great heat source and will take them without realizing the damage they are doing.

In addition to piles of wood, people are cutting up freshly fallen trees. Downed trees in a forest have the same effect as the stacks of wood we discussed previously. As these thieves may believe they are simply helping to clean up the forest they do not realize that many creatures within the ecosystem of the forest thrive off the unsightly decay lying on the forest floor. A downed tree, like a pile of wood, can be a place for animals to live or where insects can eat freely. The decomposition of trees allows the circle of life to continue. A tree falls, insects eat the tree, and larger animals eat the insects. Without one the other would not survive.

Watch for Signs

Recently, signs have been put in place to discourage theft from these forests, but many of the signs are simply thrown down where people believe that they are not doing wrong as long as they are not cutting the trees down themselves. As there are some regulations that state that it is legal to pick up wood in national forests, but these are for specific licenses given to people for certain reasons. The license does not give the holder the right to pick up wood wherever they feel like it.

Be Responsible

If you are looking to cut costs on heating your home, be responsible about it. You would not go over to your neighbour’s home and steal wood from his wood pile to supply wood for your home, so why would you go into a national forest and steal from the animal’s home in order to save a few bucks on heating cost.


If you do not have the land to simply cut down the firewood you need, there are other, legal ways to gain access to firewood for free. The most viable option is to find a friend with a great deal of wood on their property. They may allow you to pick up wood all over their land or cut up fallen trees. You may even be able to help them get rid of unwanted trees. Some people want to clear their land or may not want a specific type of tree on the property. By cutting the trees they do not want you will be helping them save money by not having to pay someone to cut them and you will gain the firewood you need for free.

If you are short in the friends department you can always ask around and see if wood yards have scrap pieces of wood they are not planning on using. The other alternative is to look for pallets. Pallets are often discarded after the products placed on them are shipped. Many people will give you their discarded pallets which you can then break down into manageable pieces of wood.

Be Careful

As people are always looking for something free, be careful which type of wood you burn in your stove. Some treated wood contains chemicals that are not good to breathe in when burned. There are even some natural forms of wood that contain sap that can clog up your flue and can even be a fire hazard. The bottom line is that if you are looking for free wood take legal routes to gain access to it. Above all else, be safe and be careful.

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Esse 500 Gas Stove


The Esse 500 Gas Stove


Half of all utility costs in a standard home can be attributed to heating during the winter months. One would think that with all the advancements made throughout the years on everything from computers to cars that drive themselves someone would have come up with a cheaper solution to heat the home. The truth of the matter is that the standard heating systems in most homes do not heat effectively because they rely only on electricity to provide heat. The use of fans to force the heat throughout the home is a costly and ineffective way to heat a home.

Since the dawn of time people have used fire to provide heat during cold periods of the year. The traditional way is with the use of wood, but there are those who are unable to cut wood due to health or age reasons. To get the same heating ability as a woodburning stove without the wear and tear on the body to cut the wood or even the task of keeping the fire going is with the use of gas.

Gas heat provides the same high temperature heating one would get from a woodburning stove that effectively heats the home, but without the added work involved. Walking into a home containing a gas powered stove one is instantly rewarded with a warm environment without the smell of wood burning that can, for some people, be a huge annoyance.

The Look Without the Smell

Most people truly enjoy the smell of wood burning in a home. There is something relaxing about the scent of burning wood that reminds us of a time gone by. However, some people can be a little put off by the wood burning smell of a home. There are even some people that have been known suffer from headaches when introduced to unwanted odours. People who suffer from this also desire a warm home, so a gas stove is the perfect solution.

As some people do not enjoy the smell of the fire, everyone loves the look of a roaring fire inside a stove. There is something warm and inviting about seeing coals ablaze inside a beautifully hand crafted stove. The Esse 500 Gas Stove is the best and most beautiful stove on the market today.

New Age in Gas Stoves

In the past gas stoves have gained a bad reputation. They have been cause for a great many house fires due to gas leaks and a great many deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning. The new age of gas stoves have proven to be far safer than the older style. Improvements have been made through the years in the way the gas is received and used by the gas stove. Far more durable materials are available in the manufacturing process of each and every stove to provide the utmost in safety for every person in the home.

Beautiful New Design

Days gone by brought us a huge, bulky, ugly gas stove sitting in the middle of the room projecting huge amounts of heat throughout the entire house, but providing little in the way of design. The Esse 500 Gas Stove has the same heating power as the overly large heating apparatuses as in times past, but now in a compact beautiful appliance that works well with any décor one could imagine.

It can be difficult to make a fire look as though it came right out of a movie with a traditional woodburning stove, but with the Esse 500 Gas Stove you will never have to re-arrange logs in order to get the perfect wood effect. The stationary gas logs will always look as though they were artfully placed by a set director straight out of Hollywood. The wood will glow and crackle just like a real fire, but without you having to do any wood arranging or even ever having to touch the inside of the stove.

Easier Than Ever

The installation of the Esse 500 Gas Stove could not be any easier. There are no vents to install throughout the home and the customer can opt for a rear or top mounted flume depending on what is desired for the home. In addition to the ease of installation, the unit can even be equipped with a remote control so the user can adjust the heat without ever leaving the comfort of their favourite chair.

If you are in the market for a new gas stove come visit us at www.leedsstovecentre.co.uk today and check out our selection. Our entire selection can be viewed online, but to get the full effect of how your new stove will look in your home and to purchase one today come by the store. We are Leeds Stove Centre and we want to help you with all of your heating needs. The Esse 500 Gas Stove is on display right now in our showroom, so come see us today and let our staff help you find the perfect stove for your home.

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Esse 100 SE Multifuel Woodburning Stove


The Esse 100 SE Multifuel Woodburning Stove


Choosing a heating system can be a difficult decision to make. To choose the standard heating system awarded to most homes involves the expense of running the system when the temperatures dip drastically. On top of the running cost of many of these oversized machines is the maintenance required to keep the system running in optimal fashion. Over time these systems can break down to the point of having to completely replace the entire system. The expense of a new heating system can cost almost as much as a new automobile. With rising energy costs many people are turning to far less expensive options when it comes to heating their homes.

Woodburning stoves are returning in popularity. What was once the only way many people heated their homes, the addition of electricity and modern convenience almost put an end to the use of woodburning stoves. In recent years, however, woodburning stove manufacturers have worked hard to redesign the older style stoves to fit in with modern trends. The new woodburning stove models have changed drastically since the days of the big clunky stoves of years ago.

Stoves such as the Esse 100SE Multifuel Woodburning Stove, for instance, have been designed to fit in much smaller hearths. During the times before electricity was common in homes hearths were the center of the home and were quite large to accommodate the large stoves. Most of the family’s meals were cooked here so the hearths had to be quite large. Over time the dependence on woodburning stoves diminished so the size of the hearths became smaller and smaller.

Hearths built in some modern homes are only built to accommodate a small stove or a fire, so the slim design of the Esse 100SE Multifuel Woodburning Stove easily fits into a smaller space. There is no need to retrofit the space to receive the stove and the output exhaust can be rear mounted or top mounted depending on the preference of the customer.

Just as Good as the Big Boys

Although the Esse 100SE Multifuel Woodburning Stove is a great deal smaller than other stoves, it has been designed to be just as effective as much larger stoves. This stove is perfect for burning a fire through the night. The output is slow and steady so a small fire will last a long time, heating the home throughout the entire night. The controls can be adjusted to get the perfect amount of heat output depending on the desired temperature inside the house.

Multiple Fuel Types

Some woodburning stoves are limited as to what can be burned in the stove. This fact puts a great deal of limitations on the user. There are times when one fuel source is more readily available than another. If you are the proud owner of the Esse 100SE Multifuel Woodburning Stove multiple fuel sources can easily be used at the owner’s convenience. This particular stove can handle coal, wood, smokeless fuel, and many other forms of fuel sources. That fact alone makes this stove a great asset to any home.

Beauty as Well

There are many times in our lives when we must choose between how a product looks over functionality. With the Esse 100SE Multifuel Woodburning Stove you can have the best of both worlds. The stove has been designed in the traditional woodburning stove style, but with a wider window, so the user has the ability to stay warm, as well as enjoy the view of a roaring fire.

Everyone Loves Free

As the Esse 100SE Multifuel Woodburning Stove is not free, it does come with a free installation kit. This kit is easy to use and will make the stove installation process an easy one. In addition to the installation kit we are also including a free fire starter kit as well. It can be difficult to start a fire, but with this kit you will have a roaring fire in your beautiful new stove in no time. This added value will save you up to £100. With that amount of savings you cannot go wrong in the purchase of your new stove.

Come See Us

The Esse 100SE Multifuel Woodburning Stove is on display right now in our showroom. Come by during our normal business hours and take a look for yourself. Our knowledgeable staff would love to show you the ins and outs of this and other fantastic stove options. We strive to offer our customers the best in merchandise as well as customer service. We at Leeds Stove Centre consider ourselves to be experts in heating your home with our beautiful stoves – no matter what your needs are. Whether you are looking for a woodburning or gas stove we invite you to come into our store today and see what we can do for you. Let us help you heat your home.

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Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove


The Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove

Burley Holywell

Heating the home can be an astronomical expense. Conventional heating systems can cost a fortune because their primary heating source is electricity. Every year electricity costs increase and so does the monthly bill. People are now turning to more traditional methods to heat their home during the frigid winter months. In the time before heating and cooling systems came standard with every home purchase, people heated their homes with natural forms of heating.

Natural forms of heating are most commonly accomplished with the use of woodburning stoves. In days gone by the woodburning stoves were the central point of all homes. The heat was distributed evenly from the central location and effectively heated the entire home. Often times the stove was used as the primary cooking element as well.

The woodburning strove has come into a rebirth in recent years. People are turning away from expensive heating systems and returning to the natural and traditional heating solutions that require far less expense.

Newly Designed

The new woodburning stoves offer far more than the stoves of old. As the older models were good for heating, they also had their shortcomings. Cleaning the older style stoves required a great deal of effort and the room containing the stove often grew considerably hot so the heat could be transferred to the entire house.

One of our most popular stoves solves these problems with the addition of hot convected air that is distributed through the home far easier than simply relying on standard heat distribution. The Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove is also DEFRA approved for burning wood and is room sealed so there is no danger of excess heat being lost while using the stove. In addition to these added elements the Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove is equipped with a wider viewing window than that of standard woodburning stoves. This allows for more radiant heat and a lovely view of the fire inside.

No Foggy Windows

One problem with many of the older style woodburning stoves is that the glass used for the viewing window had a tendency to accumulate suit from the stove and would become foggy and unclear. The new and improved double glazed windows will not fog up and will stay clear so your romantic fire will give your years of viewing pleasure as well as heat your home.


When purchasing a new woodburning stove wood storage is an issue. Most people have a good storage system for storing wood outdoors, but no consideration for how to store the wood on the inside of the home. In home wood storage becomes an afterthought until the night becomes extremely cold and the inhabitants of the home would rather let the fire die out than go out into the bitter cold of the night to retrieve more wood.

The Burly Holywell Woodburning Stove can be purchased with an extended base to bring the stove to new heights for maximum heating capabilities. The base is also the perfect storage place for extra wood, so no one has to be inconvenienced with the bitterly cold venture into the darkness of the outdoors.

A Few Precautions

The Burly Holywell Woodburning Stove is part of the Burly T series. These stoves are designed to be wood burning only. This means that the stove will burn logs, sawdust, briquettes, and pellets, but nothing else. Rubbish should never be burned in the stove and the use of liquid accelerators will violate the terms of the guarantee we offer with each stove we sell.

Beautiful Design

We at the Leeds Stove Centre understand that style is important to all of our customers. You spend a great deal of your hard earned money and time to ensure that your home is in a style that reflects your personality. We take great measures in the design of our stoves to ensure that they are all functional as well as beautiful. We offer a wide variety of stoves to our customers to give them the opportunity to choose they style that is right for them.

If you are in the market for a new woodburing stove please come visit us at www.leedsstovecentre.co.uk today and see what we have to offer you. The Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove however, can be viewed on our website, but purchase must be made in our store. We have a beautiful in-store display of the Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove so you can get an idea of what exactly you are buying and how it may fit with the décor of your home.

We look forward to meeting you and developing an ongoing relationship to help you with all of your heating needs. Leeds Stove Centre’s customer service representatives are highly qualified and well versed in all of the stoves we sell. Please allow us to help you with your new purchase. It would be our pleasure to serve you and get you the stove you have always dreamed of.

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How to Ensure the Efficiency of Your Wood Stove

How to Ensure the Efficiency of Your Wood Stove

stove efficiency


The efficiency of a wood burning stove is something that varies from stove to stove, but if you want to get the best from yours, then read on.

Efficiency is how much heat you receive in your home compared to how much heat is generated. For example, you can expect to gain around 10% of the heat that an open fireplace produces. A lot of the heat will generally go up the chimney or even be absorbed by the bricks in the surround.

Efficiency of between 30% and 50% can be achieved by the most basic of wood stoves, whereas those in the high performance category can produce as much as 90% efficiency.  What you need to know from this is the amount of wood that you’ll be burning in the gap between 30% and 90% efficiency. It’s likely to mean that you’re burning 3 times as much wood. This can make for an expensive difference in terms of time, energy, storage and waste.

If you want to benefit from using the most efficient of wood, then you can find out how much energy it has by checking the BTU rating. Although there is some difference between tree species, most wood is similar in output of energy.

One thing you should know is that the hotter the stove gets, the more efficient it will burn the wood. If the stove is not hot enough to break down the wood into smaller molecules, then the wood will not burn properly and much of the potential will be taken up the chimney in the form of smoke. In addition to the higher heat, there needs to be a good supply of oxygen to feed the fire.

Some people like to install a convecting stove fan outside of their stove. This can increase the flow of air over the surface of the stove so that heat is transferred into the room. However, with a newer high performance wood stove, this becomes unnecessary.

Call our expert team to find out about our latest offers of high performance wood stoves on 0113 257 1512.

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Guide to Installing a Woodburning Stove

Leeds Stove Centre Guide to Installing a Woodburning Stove

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a wood burning stove full of licking flames. For most of us, it evokes thoughts of a simpler life when there was more time to simply sit and enjoy time spent with family and loved ones. In addition, it’s a fact that wood burning stoves are also practical in that they can provide a way to be more economical.

If you’re thinking of installing a wood burning stove, then here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s not easy to move a heavy stove, you may need to call on a friend. If you need to install a stove pipe then you need to be very careful, it’s not something that you can play around with as there are deadly fumes involved that could impact the health of your family.
  • Paying to have your stove installed by a professional isn’t a costly exercise. When you receive your stove, there should be an installation guide sent with it that will advise you. You can call to arrange for one of our engineers to install it for you. All our engineers have HETAS and Gas Safe qualifications and can therefore install in a manner that your safety will be ensured.
  • You may need to ask whether you need to have an air vent installed. High output Multi-fuel burners could well need one so that you can dispose of the gases safely. Check out our installation FAQs for more information.
  • If you prefer to install the stove yourself and are the type of person who always likes to take on a challenge, then there is nothing to stop you. However, keep in mind that every stove installation is an individual event as each circumstance is generally different.
  • Your local authority will need to know about your installation, even though there are no regulations that you cannot install it yourself as a DIY enthusiast. You will need to ensure that it complies with building regulations and probably apply for a building notice to your local authority. Also arrange to have your work checked by a competent person such as a HETAS installer.
  • When it comes to selecting which type of flue liner you’ll need, then you can ask us. It will have an overall impact on how efficient your fire is.

Summary: Installing a stove or wood burner is not a job for the fainthearted, but it doesn’t have to be installed by a professional although we highly recommend you do. As long as you check with your local authority you should be fine. If you’re unsure, ask us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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How Much Can A Woodburning Stove Save You in a Year

How Much Money Can A Woodburning Stove Save You in a Year 

wood burner

 So you’re thinking of installing a wood burning stove? Nice choice when it comes to design, but do you have any idea whether it’s actually going to save you money in energy costs, in the long term?

Read on to find out why more people are splashing out on wood burners!

Energy costs have risen so much in the last few years that many woolly jumper manufacturers must have done well financially. The average annual household energy bill is now almost £1300! Shocking!

With one cold spell after the next, we’re still not fully out of the winter and you may want to look into what a wood burning stove will cost you to run compared to other house warming options.

According to wood burning stove industry experts, it’s likely that you’d start to enjoy the savings that a wood burner makes around the 5 year mark. Homeowners are looking at wood burners as an investment, because they can save up to 30% on fuel bills.

What will it cost?

Although you may need to pay out at least £400 – £700 for the stove itself, your best bet is to ensure that you do some homework on makes and models. You will also need to pay out for installation, unless you choose to do it yourself.

You will also need to decide which the best size to heat your room is. A 10ft by 10ft room would ideally have at least a 4.5Kw stove installed. For those who are passionate about getting the best from their wood burning stove, you may opt for a stove with a back boiler that will heat your water for you too.

Hardwood that has been seasoned and dried for over 12 months will cost around £80 to £120 for two months or so. It’s actually cheaper to purchase them to season yourself. However, you will need some storage space to achieve this.

When it comes to saving money over the course of a year, the Energy Saving Trust say that you will typically save between 10% and 20% of costs over 12 months compared to a gas heated home and up to £400 a year compared to an electric using home.

Sounds like a good deal to us! You’ll be quids in all round and saving every winter.

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Flavel Arundel

First British Multi-fuel Stove Priced at Under £400

The Flavel Arundel Multi-fuel Stove is the first British-made multi-fuel stove that is being offered at under £400. Equipped with a 5 year guarantee, this 4.0Kw output appliance is DEFRA approved for use in Smoke Control Areas and has an efficiency rating of 76.2.


With a price as tidy as that, we have had a lot of interest in this wood burning and multi-fuel capable beauty. Not only is this model capable of great performance, it’s also very easy on the eye. It has a large viewing window so that you can see precisely what’s happening inside. If you are in a Smoke Controlled area, you know that there is no need to feel concerned as this stove fits with the regulations.

Designed to fit with how you live your life, this Flavel product is in keeping with the quality of other products that these contemporary and quality fire manufacturers have pushed out their door. With both Primary and Secondary air controls, you’ll decide and be in control of what rate the fire burns at.

Logs of up to 10 inches in length can be used in this highly efficient stove that has been recommended by Defra for operation in all zones, whether smokeless or not.

The Arundel is designed to work with brick chimney flue (Class 1) and it’s also offered with a 5 inch (125mm) flue outlet that can be installed for use either at the rear or at the top of this appliance. You’ll find that its metallic black finish door will work well with practically any décor.

Another bonus that comes with this model is the FREE Fire Starter Kit and FREE installation kit that together will save you over £100.

If you want to find out more about this model, any other Flavel models or just have a general no obligation chat about wood or multi-fuel stoves, contact us now. We’re happy to help and have a number of highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians to help you with your selection. 0113 255 5622

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