Stove Installation Bradford

Searching for Stove Installation Bradford? Then look no further!

At the Leeds Stove Centre we don’t just sell stoves but we also carry out stove installations in Bradford even if you do not purchase your stove from us. We have a team of highly trained and experienced stove installers who are able to professionally install your new stove into your Bradford home. Our Bradford stove installation team are all fully trained and HETAS and Gas Safe qualified with the relevant governing & inspection body. We are able to install all types of stoves including gas, electric, wood burning and multi fuel stoves, furthermore we are also able to install mantels and surrounds.

We are more than happy to visit your Bradford home and carry out a free stove installation survey.

In addition to our Stove Installation Bradford services, we are also able to fit flue systems if necessary. By fitting a flue system, we are able to install stoves in homes which have been built without a chimney. If you do have a chimney and are unsure to whether it is suitable to house a stove, our stove installers can carry out a number of chimney tests to see whether it is suitable for purpose. We are also able to install chimney liners, these liners can help protect much older chimneys from smoke and heat damage. In an older chimney, masonry can often corrode from the soot which is produced from a wood burning stove. Our professional installers can accurately measure your chimney liner to ensure that the correct size if fitted for your chimney, if the wrong size is fitted, soot can build up in the liner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about our Stove Installation Bradford service. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and can guarantee that your stove will look beautiful in your Bradford home!

Areas which we cover for our stove installations this includes Bradford, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Stockport, Hull and Liverpool.The map below indicates the areas which we cover for our stove installations this includes Leeds, York, Sheffield, Stockport, Hull and Liverpool.