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Flue PipeIn addition to selling a wide variety of stoves online, Leeds Stove Centre also has a wide selection of flue pipes to choose from. Our choice of flue pipes is available in sizes ranging from 4” to 7”. We have flue pipes that are suitable for all applications including 45-degree bends with sweep hatches and tall flue pipes that are suitable for installation externally.

Our flue pipes are available with a glossy black enamel finish or stainless steel finishes suitable for any style of home. We ensure that we only stock the highest quality flue pipes as they are extremely important to ensure not only an efficient stove but also to ensure that the fumes are evacuated safely.

The flue pipes that we supply are British made and are suitable for use with a wide variety of fuels. The pipes have a universal fit allowing them to be installed to nearly any type of stove regardless of brand. Our flue pipes can also be used in all weather conditions so whether it’s a freezing cold day or boiling hot day the flue pipes will stand the test of time.