Stay Safe With Your Wood Burner


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It’s during cold weather spells that the most house fires occur. Wood burners can increase this risk.

Losing your home and all your belongings is not something to take lightly, however, having a wood burner in your home does come with risks, just like with any major household heating appliance.

In today’s article we investigate how you can keep your home safe and the family warm whilst enjoying your wood burner.

Professional installation

This has to be one of the most important factors when it comes to safety. HETA registered engineers have very deep knowledge when it comes to installing wood burners, flues and chimneys. They understand how fire works and behaves under a number of different conditions and there’s a reason that these engineers exist. They are there to provide a professional service, make the most of it by hiring them to protect you.

Operate them properly

Not only will well-seasoned wood burn better, but it is also safer to burn. You will have less reasons to keep opening the door and adjust the logs as your fire will be burning well.

One of the associated tasks of owning a wood burner is storing the logs in order for them to season and to be ready for use. If you bring several in to your home before you need to use them, be sure that they are located back away from the fire so that a piece of burning wood cannot spit at the pile and set it on fire.

Dispose of ash safely

Many fires are caused by burning embers. Embers can burn for a very unexpectedly long amount of time. In fact, they could even burn for up to two weeks if they were placed in an environment that was conducive to them doing so. Please keep this in mind when disposing of your embers. If you like to spread them on the garden, watch out for windy days too.

Following these recommendations will keep both your family safe and your home intact. It could even save lives. Operate your wood burner responsibly for best results.

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