Quick Tips to Increase Fireplace Efficiency

With the onset of winter, upgrading a fireplace to its maximum efficiency is one of the many things you may be looking for to keep you house warm. Modern fireplaces come with advanced features that make them much more energy efficient than the older versions. If you are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your existing fireplace, you must consider installing a fireplace door. Both glass and metal doors are popular as well as simple screens that open on hinges. Installing a fireplace door keeps the smoke out from entering the house while increasing the overall efficiency to 25% or more.

To experience the ultimate comfort of having a fireplace, it’s important to improve the amount of heat a fireplace puts out. In order to burn your fire in an efficient way, you need to look at the fuel you are burning. For instance, if you have a wood-burning fireplace you must use good quality, dry seasoned wood for it to burn well. Good quality wood will generate cleaner and hotter air while increasing the fireplace efficiency. However, the damper in the fireplace which is made of metal and has no seal allow air coming in or exit through the chimney. By installing a top sealing damper at the top of a chimney you can reduce this problem. The seal in the damper works like a storm door round the year, whether heating or cooling the house.


There are many options available in the selection of fireplaces for your home. Fireplaces of various sizes, styles, and fuel types can be found today. Each type of fireplaces comes with some advantages and disadvantages. However, by making little changes and additions you can significantly increase the efficiency of a fireplace. You can also get useful tips from professional suppliers and installers of fireplaces in Castleford, fireplaces in Pontefract, fireplaces in Featherstone, fireplaces in York, fireplaces in Brighouse, or any other region.

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