Yeoman Devon 50HB Multifuel / Woodburning Boiler Stove

Yeoman Devon 50HB Multifuel / Woodburning Boiler StoveYeoman Devon 50HB Multifuel / Woodburning Boiler Stove
The Yeoman Devon 50HB Multifuel / Woodburning Boiler Stove (Click on image to enlarge)
Three Yeoman boiler stove models have been specifically designed with high-output integral boilers to supply your domestic hot water and central heating requirements, the Devon 50HB, the County 60HB and the County 80HB 
When providing hot water and central heating, each stove is capable of feeding an average 8,000 BTU hot water cylinder and, depending on the model, up to 19 radiators
 The Devon 50HB boiler stove is designed to supply your domestic hot water and central heating requirements or augment your existing heating system via link up technology.
The Devon boiler stove will provide 4.9kW heat output to a room and 8.2kW heat output to a boiler
The Devon boiler stove can feed up to 9 radiators. (However ,the exact number of radiators will depend upon how many rooms you wish to heat and the size of those rooms)
 Radiators also come in a variety of sizes and capacities but, for example, a typical 400mm high x 1000mm wide, single panel radiator requires 2500BTU/hr. The Devon 50HB provides up to 34,000BTU, enough to supply 9 average radiators and a further 8,000BTU to feed an average hotwater cylinder.
As with all Yeoman high-output boiler stoves, the Devon boiler stove is designed for multi fuel use and incorporates an externally operated riddling grate.
Solid mineral fuels tend to provide greater calorifc values, should you wish to reduce your CO2 emissions then you can also burn a combination of smokeless fuels and logs together.
If woodburning only is your preference, you can still achieve good performance but, as logs burn best with slightly different firebox characteristics, we recommend you purchase the optional log tray which replaces the riddling system
 Yeoman Airwash System - to give a clearer view of the stove's flames
 5mm and 10mm heavy duty steel body
4 x 1" BSP boiler tappings for flexible efficient connection to your hot water circuits
Extensive water jacket on 4 sides of the stove to ensure maximum transmission of heat to water
Highly developed boiler flue baffle system to ensure maximum heating efficiency
Top or Rear Flue - 153mm (6")
Primary air controls to manually adjust the running temperatures
 Removable Tudor door crosses
Optional thermostatic control to maintain desired running temperatures
Optional woodburning tray
This stove is supplied with a FREE installation kit and Fire Starter Kit saving you up to £100

Technical Specification & Dimensions:

Heat Output : 13kW (4.9kW to room, 8.2kW to boiler)

Efficiency :N/A

Flue Size : 6" (153mm)

Fuel Type : Multifuel and wood

Flue Options : Top or Rear (Interchangeable)

Approx Weight : 150 kg

Warranty : 5 Years for Castings & 2 Years for Steel Carcass (subject to the stove being serviced 12 months after installation)

Radiators capability: 9 (Guide only)


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