Varde Ovne Shape 2 Steel Woodburning Stove

Varde Ovne Shape 2 Steel Woodburning Stove

The Varde Ovne Shape 2 Contemporary Steel Woodburning Stove

This stove has a delightful circular shape. Whether positioned in a corner or along a wall, it does not take up much space at all.

The new Varde Shape facilitates home design. This high, lean woodburning stove design perfectly matches the other furniture in the house. And the shape makes it easy to position the woodstove in a corner or as a stand-alone solution.

Above all, the designers have paid attention to giving the owner an unobstructed view of the flames that is additionally enhanced by the floating firebox and the large self-cleaning glass front

The doors, top plate, grille, base and flue are all made in high-quality cast iron.

Fitting options are flexible as the flue can be fitted either to the top or from the back of the stove. The door handle is produced so that it is cool to the touch.

The combustion chamber is ergonomically designed so that it is easy to light and clean.

The air intake is elegantly located under the top plate and is easy to control to ensure optimal utilisation of the wood fuel.

The Shape features the exclusive Varde Ovne AirBox system, which ensures that the stove takes air in from the outside, rather than using air from inside the room. This solution is especially suitable for use in new and re-insulated houses.

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Technical Specification & Dimensions:

Stove Body Material : Cast Iron, Steel

Stove Body Warranty : 5 Year

Heat Output (kW) : 5kW

Flue Size : 6" (150mm)

Flue Options : Top and Rear Flue Outlets

Width : 520mm

Height : 1020mm

Depth : 410mm

Height to Centre of Rear Flue : 870mm

Efficiency (%) : 77%

Weight (kg) : 115kg


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