Parkray Consort 9 Multifuel Stove

Parkray Consort 9 Parkray Consort 9 Multifuel Stove

The Parkray Consort 9 Multifuel Stove

Forget DIY. The Consort 9 does it all: heats your home, runs your hot water, and toasts your crumpets. (Click on image to enlarge)

Despite its smaller stature it issues an amazing 9kW of heat, which is perfect for warming up family rooms. But that's not all it does. The Consort 9 can burn wood, charcoal or sustainable fuels – change your mind at the twist of a cool-touch handle – and maintains its 'Cleanburn' system throughout.

This brilliant new technology works in two ways: firstly, a 'recouper' and internal lining ensure that heat stays inside the stove, being directed outwards rather than upwards. Secondly, unburned gases are reignited inside the stove, so that there's less to go up the chimney. And in return for all this hard work, the Consort 9 doesn't even ask you to clean it.

A special 'airwash' creates jets of hot air between fire and door, preventing the glass from getting blackened – so you can put away that dishcloth. The Consort 9's busy doing it for you.

9.1kw Multifuel Stove for burning both wood and smokeless fuel.

78.9% efficiency. Features Airwash system to keep glass clean, plus cleanburn system to improve combustion.

Features a riddling grate for full control over the fuel type.

6" flue diameter.

Max. log length 500mm.

Single or double door option is available.

An air vent is required for this stove.

NB: Parkray stoves are not available to buy on the internet. Please E-mail, visit or call our showroom for prices and further details.

This stove is supplied with a FREE installation kit and Fire Starter Kit saving you up to £100


Technical Specification & Dimensions:

Brand : Parkray

Stove Output : 9.1 KW

Height : 634mm

Width : 635mm

Depth : 403mm

Flue Outlet : Top or Rear (interchangeable)

Flue Diameter : 155mm/6"

Rear Flue Centre : 524mm

Top Flue Centre : 105mm

Body : Steel

Efficiency : 78.9%


NOW £1189.00  inc. VAT