Morso S11-42 Multi-Fuel Stove

Morso S11-42 Morso S11-42 Multi-Fuel StoveMorso S11-42 Multi-Fuel Stove

The Morso S11-42 Contemporary Multi-Fuel Stove

Standing on 100mm legs, the Morsø S11-42 is a stunning example of a small stove offering all the attributes of a larger model.

The viewing area is maintained and indeed is at its most visually appealing in this format.

DEFRA Approval pending for use in smoke control areas

The Morso S11-42 is a very cleanly designed 4kW stove with a door which gently curves out towards you.

The S11-42 is a multifuel stove which is a little taller than some of the other modern cuboid stoves out there.

Running at an impressive efficiency of 83% the Morso S11-42 has a nominal heat output of 4kW which makes it suited to the smaller room.


Morso S11-42



Heat Output : 4kW

Flue Size : 5" (125mm)

DEFRA Approved : Yes

Flue Options : Top or Rear Flue (Interchangeable)

Efficiency : 75%

Approx Weight : 61kg

Warranty : 5 Years