Gazco Riva Vision Large Gas Stove

Riva Vision Large Gazco Riva Vision Large Gas Stove

The Gazco Riva Vision Large Gas Stove

The stunning Gas Riva Vision Large gas stove has an eye-catching glass-fronted door and glass plinth. (Click on the images to enlarge)

This Gas Stove is available with White stone or Log-effect fuel bed. The log-effect model can be styled even further with a choice of either the timeless black reeded or the lighter vermiculite linings

There is also the choice of Conventional Flue or Balanced Flue installations. Call our staff for more information.

The Gas Riva Vision Large has a sequential Remote Control which gives you complete control of the stove from ignition to Programmable Thermostatic and Timer controls.

To increase your interior design possibilities, you can also opt for a contemporary Stove Bench (Click HERE for options) or black gloss flue pipe (conventional flue only). These are the perfect complement to this stylish stove.

Excellent 4.85kw maximum heat ouput

Available in Natural Gas or LPG versions

Top flue only


Technical Specification & Dimensions:

Riva Visoin Large Spec

Fuel Bed : White Stone Chippings or Logs

Finish: Black Glass

Heat Output : 5.20kW conventional flue, 5.10 balanced flue

Efficiency : 70% conventional flue, 81% balanced flue

Controls : Programmable Remote Control

Flue : Class 1, Class 2 or option for Balanced flue

Flue size : 5" (125mm)

Flue: Rear Only

Air Vent Required : No

Weight : 75 kgs

Warranty : 2 Years


NOW £2049.00  inc. VAT