Esse 700 Vista SE Multifuel Stove

Esse 700 SE Esse 700 Vista SE Multifuel StoveEsse 700 Vista SE Multifuel Stove

The Esse 700 Vista SE Multifuel and Woodburning Stove

It has a large arching window which provides a spectacular and virtually unrestricted view of the flames. (Click on the images to enlarge) DEFRA

The Esse 700 SE can now be supplied with the brand new AutoBlaze technology. AutoBlaze is an electronic ignition system for wood burning stoves. It’s simple to use – load your dry logs in front of the air jet, close the door, press the remote and the 5-8 minute lighting cycle begins.

Every line and curve of the Esse 700 SE Multi-Fuel / Woodburning Stove has been designed to exude an air of simple elegance, that will sit comfortably with a wide range of interior styles and hearth environments.

Suitable for overnight burning with a Pre-heated secondary airwash to help keep glass clean.

There is not usually the need for kindling. As well as being clean and safe, it is also a great solution for ‘cold flue’ or poor draught installations

Afterburn system for outstanding flame and heat control.

Top only flue outlet with a maximum heat output of 8Kw returning an efficiency of 77.1%

This stove is supplied with a FREE installation kit and Fire Starter Kit saving you up to £100

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£1399.00inc. VAT

Technical Specification & Dimensions:

Esse 700 Vista Spec

Stove dimensions

A: 700mm  B: 640mm  C: 390mm

Heat Output : 8Kw

Flue Size  : 6" (150mm)

Fuel Type : Solid Fuel and Wood

Flue Options : Top only

Approx Weight : 160kgs

Warranty : 1 Year