Dunsley Yorkshire Multifuel Boiler Stove

Yorkshire Multifuel Boiler Dunsley Yorkshire Multifuel Boiler StoveDunsley Yorkshire Multifuel Boiler Stove

The Dunsley Yorkshire Multifuel Boiler Stove

The Yorkshire stove can be the solution for automatic central heating. The model can be ordered either as a multifuel model or as a woodburning model. The woodburning model is less expensive but can only burn wood.

The Dunsley Yorkshire Boiler Stove is capable of running your central heating, even using wood in a smokeless zone. (Output 31,000 BTU approx 5 radiators)

The built in thermostat automatically monitors central heating temperature and controls the incoming air to regulate how fiercely the fire burns to meet the central heating requirements.

The automatic central heating boiler works on its own without any electrical connections, however electrics are required to operate the circulating pump or other electrical equipment such as time clocks, room stats, etc which are fitted onto the heating system to turn the fire up in the morning, and down at night (even regulating itself to compensate for changes in the weather).

Emissions from the Yorkshire are so low that it very easily complies with the Clean Air Act.

All this has been achieved on the Yorkshire without using catalyst combusters, which are very expensive to replace and can easily become damaged if coal or impure wood is burnt.

 When burning wood, the Yorkshire is clean enough for even the strictest smokeless zone - it's even cleaner than smokeless' fuels.

The body of the Yorkshire is made from tough steel plate and cast iron. The firebars are not of ordinary iron but of chromium alloy for durability. The window is not glass, but transparent ceramic first developed for the space shuttle. The firebrick lining is manufactured from high temperature heat reflecting material, pressure cast to meet the special design and requirements of the Yorkshire

Just one simple control to set the heat level you want and the air wash required. Plus a built in de-ashing mechanism, easy access for cleaning the stove and cleanburn at all times.

Great view through the large 360mm x 222mm air washed window.

Optional Griddle fits on top of the hot plate, ideal to griddle your steak, bacon, sausage, chops etc. The optional Trivet fixes at each side of the flue, held in position by two screws and raised slightly from the stove top to provide an area at the rear of the hotplate or griddle to keep food or coffee warm.

Dunsley also has available for the boiler model, an external air intake which allows combustion air to be taken from outside the building. If this method is used, no extra air vents into the room where the Yorkshire Stove is installed are required.

This stove is supplied with a FREE installation kit and Fire Starter Kit saving you up to £100


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Technical Specification & Dimensions:


Height : 715mm  Width : 595mm  Depth : 520mm

Heat Output : 13.7kW (4.5 kW to room, 9.2 kW to water when burning wood)

Efficiency : 75%

Flue Size : 6" (150mm)

Fuel Type : Multifuel and woodvurning

Flue Options : Top only

Stove Body Material : Steel Plate and Cast iron

Approx Weight : 198 Kgs

Airwash : Yes

Guarantee : 3 Years

Airvent Required : Yes (unless using optional air intake