Dovre 2700 Multifuel / Wood Burning Fireplace

Dovre 2700 Dovre 2700 Multifuel / Wood Burning FireplaceDovre 2700 Multifuel / Wood Burning FireplaceDovre 2700 Multifuel / Wood Burning Fireplace

The Dovre 2700 Multifuel and Wood Burning Fireplace Stove


This stove can be installed as a freestanding or inset stove an can also be operated with doors open or closed


The Dovre 2700 wood burner has a classic cast iron fireplace look. Designed to suit many applications, the Dovre 2700 will create a stunning inglenook centrepiece and when dressed with a canopy from the Dovre accessories range achieves the look of a traditional open fire whilst removing all the associated inefficiencies. Finished in Traditional Matt Black.

Inserted into a fireplace setting, this traditional wood burner becomes the heart of a powerful convection heating system. Unlike a traditional open fire, which loses up to 80% of its heat through the chimney, the Dovre convection system radiates heat from cast iron panels into a special convection chamber. From here, warm air is ducted to outlet grilles above the fireplace and evenly distributed to other parts of the home, creating one of the most striking and efficient real fire solutions available today.

Choose between the option of running the Dovre 2700 with the doors open to create all the character of a roaring fire or enjoy the ambience of slow burning, lazy flames by keeping the fire’s doors closed.

Dovre 2000 Base Plinth
Designed to improve convection on the Dovre 2000 when used in a freestanding installation, base plinths will also enhance the visual appearance of your fireplace. This item will sit directly underneath your stove, and so the width and depth measurements will not increase the overall dimensions of the stove. When freestanding you will not need the legs provided so the height measurement will increase the overall height of the stove.

Dovre 2000/2700 Base Plinth (DV-SBP):
Height – 80mm
Width – 725mm
Depth – 485mm

Dovre 2700 Side Panels
Side Panel Units are supplied in a set of 2 for use with freestanding type installations where the sides of the appliance may be exposed to view in larger inglenook fireplaces for example. These decorative panels attach on either side and provide a more aesthetically pleasing view.

Dovre 2700 Side Panels (DV-SP2):
Height – 740mm
Width – 720mm
Depth – 400mm 

Dovre 2700 Flue Adaptor
Most European Stoves are designed to have the flue pipe sit on the outside of the flue collar/spigot. In the UK building Regulations dictated that the flue must be placed inside the collar/spigot. Therefore most European stoves require a flue adaptor like this so that it will comply with UK building regs.

DV-SFA – Dovre 2000/2700 Flue Adaptor - Once fitted it will except a 8” flue pipe

Dovre Canopies
Dovre Canopies have been specially designed to compliment Dovre appliances when installed in a freestanding environment. They are manufactures to the highest standards and help ensure a lifetime of fireside pleasure. All canopies feature black studs along the base trim and up the seems on the sides.

Dovre 2700 Small Canopy (DV-CS1):
Canopy Height – 360mm
Base Width – 710mm
Top Width – 410mm
Base Depth – 400mm
Top Depth – 260mm

Dovre 2700 Medium Canopy (DV-CS2):
Canopy Height – 685mm
Base Width – 900mm
Top Width – 350mm
Base Depth – 570mm
Top Depth – 300mm

Dovre 2700 Tall Canopy (DV-CS3):
Canopy Height – 1070mm
Base Width – 900mm
Top Width – 300mm
Base Depth – 560mm
Top Depth – 290mm

Dovre 2700 Countryman Canopy (DV-CS5):
Canopy Height – 1070mm
Base Width – 900mm
Top Width – 300mm
Base Depth – 560mm
Top Depth – 290mm


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    Technical Specification & Dimensions:

    Width: 725mm

    Height: 1105mm

    Depth: 540mm

    Stove Body: Cast iron

    Heat Output (kW): 10.0kW Max

    Flue Size: 186mm (7")

    Flue Options: Top Only

    Efficiency: 77%

    Weight: 135 kgs

    Suitable for use with a room heating convection system