Dovre 1800 Multifuel / Wood Burning Fireplace Stove

Dovre 1800 Dovre 1800 Multifuel / Wood Burning Fireplace StoveDovre 1800 Multifuel / Wood Burning Fireplace Stove

The Dovre 1800 Traditional Multifuel and Wood Burning Fireplace Stove

The Dovre 1800 multi fuel fire has all the advantages of larger models, including high efficiency and excellent heat output, but with more compact dimensions that are perfect for cosy rooms and fireplaces.

The Dovre 1800 fireplace insert can be bought on its own with a base plinth when inset into the wall. Alternatively the Dovre 1800 can come out into the room with a choice of canopies, side panel unit and base plinth. The Dovre 1800 stove is ideal for use with a room heating convection system  and offers a heat out put of 8kw. 

Choose from a range of accessories to help you create your own individual fireplace setting.

Dovre 1800 Base Plinth

Designed to improve convection on the Dovre 1800 when used in a freestanding installation, base plinths will also enhance the visual appearance of your fireplace. This item will sit directly underneath your stove, and so the width and depth measurements will not increase the overall dimensions of the stove. When freestanding you will not need the legs provided so the height measurement will increase the overall height of the stove.

Dovre 1800 Base Plinth (DV-MBP):
Height – 80mm
Width – 510mm
Depth – 315mm

Dovre 1800 Side Panels

Side Panel Units are supplied in a set of 2 for use with freestanding type installations where the sides of the appliance may be exposed to view in larger inglenook fireplaces for example. These decorative panels attach on either side and provide a more aesthetically pleasing view.

Dovre 1800 Side Panels (DV-SP1):
Height – 470mm
Width – 530mm
Depth – 290mm

Dovre 1800 Flue Adaptor

Most European Stoves are designed to have the flue pipe sit on the outside of the flue collar/spigot. In the UK, Building Regulations dictate that the flue must be placed inside the collar/spigot. Therefore most European stoves require a flue adaptor so that it will comply with UK Building Regulations.

DV-MFA – Dovre 1800 Flue Adaptor - Once fitted it will except a 6” flue pipe

Dovre 1800 Canopy

Dovre Canopies have been specially designed to compliment Dovre appliances when installed in a freestanding environment. They are manufactures to the highest standards and help ensure a lifetime of fireside pleasure. All canopies feature black studs along the base trim and up the seems on the sides.

Dovre 1800 Small Canopy (DV-CM1):
Canopy Height – 325mm
Base Width – 530mm
Top Width – 260mm
Base Depth – 310mm
Top Depth – 145mm

Dovre 1800 Medium Canopy (DV-CM2):
Canopy Height – 700mm
Base Width – 685mm
Top Width – 260mm
Base Depth – 460mm
Top Depth – 235mm

Dovre 1800 Tall Canopy (DV-CM3):
Canopy Height – 950mm
Base Width – 685mm
Top Width – 230mm
Base Depth – 460mm
Top Depth – 235mm

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Technical Specification & Dimensions:

Dovre 1800

Width: 530mm

Height: 850mm

Depth: 450mm

Stove Body: Cast iron

Heat Output (kW): 8.0kW Max

Flue Size: 150mm (6")

Flue Options: Top Only

Efficiency: 80%

Weight: 75 kgs

Suitable for use with a room heating convection system