Dik Geurts Vidar Triple

Dik Geurts Vidar Triple

The Dik Geurts Vidar Triple Woodburning Stove

Three-sided wood stoves, such as the Vidar Triple, offer optimum flame pictures from various positions in the living space. In this instance the stove is also equipped with heat reflective infrared glass, which helps to attain an efficiency rating of as much as 88%.

All Dik Geurts wood burning stoves deliver high efficiency and the cleanest possible combustion. All their models meet the most stringent quality standards and certifications, so they are the very pinnacle of wood burning technology. With Dik Geurts, anyone can produce a glorious wood fire. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Dik Geurts stoves are very easy to operate. They have only one lever for regulating the combustion air. One position allows the primary air into the stove and ensures rapid ignition of the fire.

The other mode combines the primary air with a second air flow and thus ensures maximum combustion.

With its triple window, you are treated to a panoramic view of the flame picture and with its anthracite finish it will blend perfectly into your home.

With a heat output range of 9 kw and an energy efficiency of 88%, it delivers comfort and economy.


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Vidar Triple Dimensions


Output net min                                                                 4.0

Output net max                                                                9.0

Max. log length (cm)                                                       25

Efficiency (%)                                                                    88.0

Consumption wood max (kg/h)                                    2.1

CO emission (%-13% O2)                                               0.065

NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2)                                60

Built-in depth (mm)                                                        410

Fire view width (mm)                                                     562

Fire view height (mm)                                                    345

Weight (kg)                                                                       165

Flue top (mm)                                                                  150

External air connection                                                  Included