Dik Geurts Olaf EA

Dik Geurts Olaf

The Dik Geurts Olaf EA Wood Burning Stove

Olaf is a tall, freestanding wood stove with a large portrait-shaped viewing window, a convenient log storage shelf and tapered sides that enable the stove to be installed in the corner of a room. This is enhanced by a built-in heat shield, which prevents the heat of the stove from damaging the adjoining walls.

Perfect for a corner setting as it is shaped towards a corner, being slightly triangular. This stunning wood burner has a capacity of 6 – 10 kW and considered by DEFRA to have an 8.70 kW Nominal Output.

The Dik Geurts Olaf is a corner stove with log storage that is 80% efficient.

The optional direct air supply can be connected either at the back or underneath the stove. A cover plate is an optional extra, which conceals the fresh air supply connection in the log unit.


Olaf Spec


Output net min                                                                 6.0

Output net max                                                                10.0

Max. log length (cm)                                                        33

Efficiency (%)                                                                     79.8

Consumption wood max (kg/h)                                      2.4

CO emission (%-13% O2)                                                 0.05

NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2)                                 133

Built-in depth (mm)                                                         330

Fire view width (mm)                                                      388

Fire view height (mm)                                                     457

Weight (kg)                                                                        125

Flue top (mm)                                                                   150

Flue rear (mm)                                                                  150


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