Cast Tec Cougar Inset Stove

Cougar Inset Cast Tec Cougar Inset Stove

The Cast Tec Cougar Inset Stove

The Cougar Inset is an efficient and sturdy cast-iron inset stove with a large glass window to allow for the maximum view.

A multi-fuel grate with external riddling control (to the left of the door) allows the stove to burn seasoned wood or smokeless fuels.

The Cougar Inset benefits from Primary Air Burn (control on door), Airwash Secondary Burn (lever on right of door) which helps to prevent soot deposits to the glass window and a steel Convection Chamber which allows cold air to enter below the stove then to pass up through the chamber as it warms entering your room via air vents above the stove door.

The Cast Tec Cougar inset stove offers a heat output of up to 5kW and an efficiency rating of 75%.


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£599.00inc. VAT

Technical Specification & Dimensions:

Cougar Inset Spec

Nominal Heat Output Up to 5kW
Construction Cast-iron
Weight 75Kg
Fuel Outlet (125mm) 5"
Efficiency Wood 78.5%
Efficiency Anthracite 75.7%