Burley Debdale 9104 Woodburner

Burley Debdale 9104

The Burley Debdale 9104 Woodburning Stove

The most efficient Wood Burner range in the world with the Debdale having a rating of 89.8%

The Burley T³ series of stoves are Wood burning only (this includes logs, sawdust briquettes and pellets); no attempt should be made to burn any other fuel, including any type of coal, smokeless fuel or petroleum coke. Under no circumstances should liquid fuels be added. It is not an incinerator and rubbish, including painted, tanalised wood and MDF, should not be burnt in this appliance. Doing so is potentially dangerous and will invalidate any guarantees immediately

DEFRA Approved 4kW Woodburner

Room sealed to prevent heat loss with Patented Cyclonic fireball and optional Angled Room Seal Kit

Air Injection for complete combustion and Secondary combustion chamber

Double glazed window to help keep clean and wide viewing area maximises radiated heat

Hot convected air from top and an Exchanger fitted to recover lost heat

Any of the T3 models can have an optional 170mm extended base. This is the perfect accompaniment for stand alone installations where height needs to be emphasised. The base also doubles as an area for storing logs. This item is a separate component and is available for all four models.

The Debdale has the option of  a Standard Room Sealed Kit or an Angled Room Seal Kit (see diagram on Specification page). The Standard kit connects directly from the rear of the fire to the back wall. The Angled kit exits at 90° from the rear of the flue. This can then be connected to standard ducts (available from builders merchants), to create a path to an outside wall. A maximum of three 90º angles may be used.

NB: Please ask in store about the Burley T3 Woodburning range.


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Technical Specification & Dimensions:


Stove dimensions:

A 560 mm  B 380 mm  C 315 mm

Heat Output : 4.0KW

Efficiency : 89.8%

Flue Size : 6" (150mm)

Fuel Type : Wood only

Flue Options : Top

Approx Weight : 57Kg 

Air vent required : No

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