Leeds Stove Centre Proud to be Awarded Merlin Stoves Approved Stockist

Leeds Stove Centre Proud to be Awarded Merlin Stoves Approved Stockist

We at Leeds Stove Centre, pride ourselves on offering the top of the line when it comes to providing you with a new stove for your home. We have all of the brand name stoves you would expect in a high end stove centre and now we are proud to announce that we have been awarded Merlin Stoves Approved Stockist.

Leeds Stove Centre is always looking to expand our inventory of available stove manufactures and is very pleased to be able to offer these strikingly beautiful stoves to our beloved customers. Anyone can manufacture a stove, but to truly make a mark on society you have to make a product that can stand the test of time and stand far and above other brands. Merlin Stoves achieves this with very high standards.

Clean Designs

Many stove designs tend to look old and clunky. Merlin stoves are designed in a way that makes them a true focal point of the room. They do not design merely a way to heat your home, but a stove that offers both fashion, as well as function. Merlin designs every stove with contemporary concepts that fit well in any home. You will not be disappointed in your decision to purchase a Merlin stove.

High Efficiency

Stove manufactures often advertise that their stoves offer the highest quality heating ability with high efficiency heating output. Truthfully, many stove manufactures simply copy the makes and models of other stove manufactures and only change a few design aspects to make the stove seem like a new concept. Merlin stoves however do not do this. Instead of the simple copy and change concept, they are working hard to manufacture stoves that have a great design, but have the added bonus of high heating efficiency.

Merlin stoves make each stove to the highest quality of efficiency available. With many stoves, the heat quickly disperses once the fire is extinguished inside. Merlin Stoves, however use a twin skinned insulated jacket that holds onto the heat far longer than other stoves in production today. That means that should the stoves fire burn out in the middle of the night, the heating will continue into the early morning. It may not seem like it would make a big difference, but when you wake up to a cold house from using a substandard stove you will view the heating efficiency of stoves in general a great deal differently.

No Fuss Heating Solutions

The problem with most stoves is that they have to be constantly checked and the flame brought back to life. Merlin stoves do not need to be pampered, so to speak. Each Merlin stove is equipped with a RAM Air System. This is a Rapid Air Movement system that effectively moves air throughout the unit allowing the flame to instantly light and heat the surrounding area. The air is moved in a circular pattern around the fuel source instantly igniting the fuel inside. This form of intelligent heating allows the stove to be ideal for busy individuals that do not have time to constantly check on and re-ignite the stove.

Unique Flue Design

When installing a new stove in your home consideration for the flue plays a big part in the stoves installation. With most companies they offer you a choice between a top or rear mounted flue. Depending on your choice preference will affect the installation of the stove. You will also have to deal with ensuring you receive the correct flue for your stove. A company sending out the wrong flue can cause you to have to wait a great deal of time for the correct flue to arrive.

Merlin stoves have patented a solution to this current and all too often problem that stove manufactures and customers encounter. The flue design in a Merlin stove is equipped with swivel technology. There is no need to send back the incorrect part to receive the other style. This swivel mounted flue is designed to attach to either top or rear mounted stove designs.

Clear Glass

Stoves often have a design flaw in which the glass often becomes smoky and unclear. Suit build up on the glass has to be cleaned on a regular basis to allow the glass to remain clear so the beauty of the fire within can shine through. Each Merlin stove contains a unique baffle plate that keeps any unwanted residue from accumulating on the glass.

We at Leeds Stove Centre have a commitment to our customers to always offer the best brand available to the public and we have found the top quality brand in Merlin stoves. Please feel free to come by our showroom today to see all of the beautiful and efficient Merlin stoves on display. You will not be disappointed in the look and heating ability of any of the striking Merlin stoves you will find here at Leeds Stove Centre.

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