Leeds Stove Centre Fitting Special Offer

Leeds Stove Centre Fitting – Special Offer

We all have a great desire to have our homes be a showcase for when our friends come to visit. The showcase atmosphere can be achieved through the addition of specific furniture or fabrics throughout the home. The use of specific colours and artistic touches are relatively easy to achieve and can change the entire dynamic of a home. Most people have very little trouble with decorating, but find appliance installation to be a bit out of reach.

It is very easy to install a simple stove or refrigerator, but when the installation requires more than just a simple plug and go application, people tend to want to look for a professional to handle the job. This is often the best and safest course of action to take. A professional installation of an appliance comes with the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done correctly and there is little chance for malfunction while using the appliance.

The employees of Leeds Stove Centre are professionals when it comes to stoves. You may think that all the employees of Leeds Stove Centre know is how to sell you a stove, but you would be wrong. They can both sell you a beautiful stove that is perfect for your needs, as well as install it for you. When they install your stove you can rest assured that the job will be done in the correct manner. With the job professionally accomplished by our trained employees you can sleep easily while one of our stylish stoves warms your entire home.

Out With the Old and In With the New

When choosing to convert your existing fireplace to that of a woodburning or gas stove, certain safety issues come into play when removing the existing fireplace. Many homes still contain the old style of fireplaces that are not up to code and can be very dangerous to operate. Our trained professional stove installers will remove the old fireplace and prepare the space for the new unit. They also install a 316/316 Solid fuel flue liner. The liner is guaranteed for an entire 10 years. There are not many products on the market today that will ensure their product for that long of a period of time.

Perfect Fit

Fireplaces are different in every home. We want to ensure that you are happy with the installation of your new stove; we make adjustments according to your needs and that of the fireplace. Whether your fireplace requires a new beam installation or other refitting needed to allow the stove to sit perfectly inside the fireplace and be a true asset to your home.


Fireplaces can be the dirtiest parts of our home. Suit build up on bricks can leave an unsightly reminder of what was once there. Unlike other companies that will make you do the cleaning, we want complete customer satisfaction with ever install we perform. Many people do not understand how to clean the bricks in a fireplace. They will simply scrub the build-up off. Scrubbing removes the outer layer, but bricks are naturally porous by nature so to obtain a deep clean we use brick acid to penetrate deep within the brick and draw out all of the grime scrubbing cannot reach.

Some brick fireplaces may be beyond cleaning due to not being maintained properly or the customer just may be tired of the brick façade altogether, so for that we offer fitted fireboards to completely change the look of the space. Either way you choose we work hard to achieve the look of a clean space around the stove.

Proper Connections

In any stove installation the most important aspect is that the smoke from the stove is properly ventilated.  Each piece of the process is perfectly fitted together to offer the utmost in ventilation to ensure that smoke never backs up into the unit or worse, your home. We also ensure the safety of the unit by installing stove to flue liners, so there is no risk of a fire starting from the stove. Our installers check each component during the installation so they will know that every install is done in a safe and productive manner.

HETAS Certificate

Many companies do not back their work. They simply send someone out to do the job and if something happens after the fact, it is the problem of the home owner. Leeds Stove Centre prides itself on perfection in every install we perform. To keep our installers accountable we have them and you sign off with a HETAS Certificate. HETAS Certification is not a requirement for companies, but is an added feature we use to show our customers just how much we care about the work we do.

On Special

An install such as this usually costs £1399. For a limited time we are offering our customers this professional installation for only £899. This is a tremendous discount for our customers and will not last long, so act now and either visit our website at www.leedsstovecentre.co.uk or come into the store to see all the stoves on display in our showroom.

There are a lot of stove installers in our line of work, but what sets us apart from all the rest is our attention to detail. We treat ever install on an individual basis and want your new stove to look just as wonderful as it did when you looked at it in our showroom.

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