Installing Wood Stoves in an Urban Area

A multi-fuel or a wood burning stove comes with a number of benefits. It is a value add  ition to your home, provides warmth and ambience that is typical of a wood burning stove. Today, you can use wood burning stoves even if you live in a smoke controlled area. DEFRA approved stoves are a perfect solution for those willing to use wood burning stoves in a smoke free zone. These stoves are incorporated with an advanced eco-engineering which is approved by the UK Government facilitating wood burning in restricted areas.

It has been examined that DEFRA approved stoves emit only a certain amount of smoke at certain temperatures making them suitable for use in smoke control areas. So, you can use these stoves without worrying about the environmental pollution provided you use the right type of fuel. You can choose from a wide range of fuels such as smokeless coal or smokeless wood to fire them.

DEFRA stoves come in a variety of styles and designs allowing a complete flexibility of choice at the time of purchase. They come in traditional as well as contemporary styles. You can easily obtain them from the stores or order online from reputed stove centres. Leeds Stove Centre stocks over hundreds of DEFRA approved burley stoves for sale. We also offer multi-fuel stoves, oil stoves, wood burning stoves, gas stoves and electric stoves. We have carefully selected the finest stove manufacturers of the UK to present the world’s most efficient range of products before you. With our extensive selection and reasonable price, you are sure to find the stove of your choice.

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