Stove Installation Service

Leeds Stove Centre can offer a professional stove installation service although only if you have purchased your stove from us. We have a large team of highly trained and experienced stove installers who are able to install your new stove into your home. Our team of specialist stove installers are all fully trained and HETAS and Gas Safe qualified with the relevant governing & inspection body. Our stove installers can install all fuel types including electric, wood burning, gas and multi fuel stoves. Furthermore if you would like a surround or hearth installed, Leeds Stove centre can also install these for you.

We are happy to offer our installation service within the highlighted areas on the map shown below. This includes Leeds and West Yorkshire.

All the highlighted areas are eligible for our FREE installation survey!

Our installation survey is aimed to help you choose the most suitable stove to match your requirements and home.

At Leeds Stove Centre we take great pride in the installation of all our stoves, and continue day in and out installing beautiful stoves across the north of England. We believe that your new stove should be the focal point in your home, whilst offering a wonderful warmth of heat. We always deliver our installations on time, and most importantly on budget.

If you would like any further information about our stove installation service, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our stove installation team.

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To book your survey call: 0113 255 5622  Now!


Flue Lining

Leeds Stove Centre are able in install flue liners for you. Flue liners are a much more convenient way to fix a leaking, older chimney. The process works by fitting a flexible stainless steel liner, down the chimney, which is fed from the roof through the whole length of the chimney. Once this is installed your chimney will then be protected against smoke and tar which will be released from the stove.

It is highly recommended during a stove installation to fit a flue liner into your chimney. As a matter of safety and efficiency we will only install a stove with a liner.  In the early 90’s it was found that the majority of chimneys were unsafe, and not fit for purpose. Most importantly the correct sized flue must be fitted, this is because many new wood burning stoves require a certain size to perform correctly. Leeds Stove Centre are more than happy to advise you on which flue liner would be best suited for your stove and chimney.

There are many reasons to install a liner in a chimney:

  1. The chimney is leaking fumes and smoke across the other areas of your home.
  2. Many older chimneys masonry will have corroded over time resulting in a loss of gas flow.
  3. To stop the tar seeping through the chimneybreast and walls, which can result in ugly stains.
  4. The chimney is not watertight.
  5. Many older flue liners in older chimneys are fitted upside down, causing more leakage.

All of the flue liners which Leeds Stove Centre use are HETAS approved, this means that they are suitable for all fuel types of stoves which includes Wood Burning, Gas and Multifuel Stoves. One example of the flue liners, which, we use is the ‘904/904 Grade Flue Liner’; the inner and outer skins of this Flue Liner are made from 904 grade Stainless Steel, one of the best Chimney Liners on the market. This High-Quality Chimney Flue Liner is recommended for heavy usage and if you are slumbering your stove overnight. This high quality chimney liner has a 35 year guarantee (Product replacement only). Leeds Stove Centre also has a number of other flue liners available, such as 316/316, suitable for use with wood burning stoves. Please call us on 0113 255 5622 to discuss your requirements.

During our stove installation process we are more than happy to fit new flue liners to ensure that your stove is installed to the highest of standards, and will stand the test of time.


New Chimneys and Flue Systems

In the past, stoves and fires were used to not only heat a home but also to cook and wash with, therefore when houses were built it was necessary to have a chimney built. Many modern homes now have bathrooms, central heating and cookers, therefore many modern homes are now built without chimneys as there is no requirement for them.

All wood burning stoves require a chimney to allow smoke to leave the stove and into the atmosphere, for homes without a chimney, a twinwall flue system will need to be installed.

If your property does not have a chimney Leeds Stove Centre can install one, this would either be on the outside of your property, or on the inside. Using our flue systems we can construct a well insulated, long lasting chimney that is HETAS approved.



Final touches are extremely important when finishing the installation of your new stove, whether it is a wood burning stove, multi fuel stove or electric stove. Leeds Stove Centre has a range of stove surrounds and hearths to choose from to create that perfect focal point in your home.

Our range of stove hearths come in a choice of colours and finishes. We have a fantastic range of polished, tiled and slabbed hearths that really add that finishing touch to your new stove. Any natural product can be used on a solid fuel stove, eg. Granite, Slate, Stone, Glass and Limestone.  In addition, unlike many other stove companies, we can also create custom-made hearths if necessary; please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

When purchasing tiles for the hearth of your stove it is extremely important to choose purpose made hearth tiles. Hearth tiles are manufactured to better withstand the higher temperatures that are produced around stoves, where conventional kitchen or bathroom tiles would not last in such a harsh environment or at such high temperatures.



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