How to Safely Use your Electric Stove?

An electric stove with its consistent and controllable heat source have become more efficient than a contemporary wood burning stove or a gas stove. The features that have raised the popularity of electric stoves are efficiency, easy maintenance, simple installation and safety.

However, to reap the advantages of having an electric stove to its highest degree, you ought to consider certain aspects for its safe use. Some of the essential safety tips are:

Placement of the Stove: It is important to place the stove in an area which is safe and inaccessible to children. Flammable materials should be kept away from an electric stove, ant it should be installed in an area that contains a non-flammable surface to avoid accidents.

Automatic Cut-off and Guards: All electric stoves must come with an automatic cut-off device, adequate heating coils and heating guards to prevent fires.

Cleaning: Regular cleaning and maintenance is another important factor that can facilitate preventing fire hazards and accidents.

Certification and Use: Only a tested and certified stove, meeting certain criteria safety standards should be installed. The best way is to hire a HETAS certified installer to make sure that your fireplace meets all regulations. These electric stoves should be used in accordance with the manufacturer directions. It is important to always turn off the unit, if you leave a room for an extended time or go to sleep.

Firebelly StovesThere are several other benefits and advantages of an electric stove. Due to its popularity, many brands and models of electric stoves are available in the market today like the Portway Stoves, Firebelly Stoves, etc. These stoves can be bought from various reputed dealers through online stores at affordable price rates too.

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