How to Get Your Stove Alight and Going – Fast

You’re cold. Very cold. You cannot wait to get that stove roaring and sending out heat.

Here are our tips on how to get your stove into action and delivering warmth as quickly as possible:


Initially, your stove will need to have a clear run for air to circulate around it. Sweep out any ash that has been left inside the stove and open up those air vents.

Old newspaper is perfect for starting fires. Ball up some sheets and place them into the centre of your firebox.

Add Kindling

Small bits of wood and twigs will work. Otherwise you can buy kindling by the bag full

Add the kindling to the firebox on top of the balled newspaper, or you might want to build it up into a wigwam shape. The latter will help the air to circulate and that’s what’s going to help your fire get going.


Light a corner of your newspaper. Now take a little of the kindling and put it into the flame. When the fire gets going, shut the stove door. This should enable it to light up faster.

Feed It Fuel

Once you’ve got the kindling alight and it’s coming along nicely, then it’s time to start adding more solid fuel. The smaller logs that have been seasoned are great for this.

Take your time and don’t put too much on the fire or even in the firebox. The fire needs to be able to breath, if you smother it you will have to start again. Also, wasted fuel is pointless and expensive. Once the logs set alight, it’s time to close the door and all vents, except the one at the top.

Sit back and Relax

All that you need to now is to sit back and relax. You will have to get up and throw a log on once in a while, but other than that you’re good to ‘go’.

The most important point here is to remember to clear out the firebox whenever you want to start a new fire. Old ash will reduce the heat and prevent air from circulating in the fire. Not only that it will take up much needed space that the fuel needs.

If you keep your stove in good condition and maintain it, you will enjoy it for many years to come.

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