How Much Can A Woodburning Stove Save You in a Year

How Much Money Can A Woodburning Stove Save You in a Year 

 So you’re thinking of installing a wood burning stove? Nice choice when it comes to design, but do you have any idea whether it’s actually going to save you money in energy costs, in the long term?

Read on to find out why more people are splashing out on wood burners!

Energy costs have risen so much in the last few years that many woolly jumper manufacturers must have done well financially. The average annual household energy bill is now almost £1300! Shocking!

With one cold spell after the next, we’re still not fully out of the winter and you may want to look into what a wood burning stove will cost you to run compared to other house warming options.

According to wood burning stove industry experts, it’s likely that you’d start to enjoy the savings that a wood burner makes around the 5 year mark. Homeowners are looking at wood burners as an investment, because they can save up to 30% on fuel bills.

What will it cost?

Although you may need to pay out at least £400 – £700 for the stove itself, your best bet is to ensure that you do some homework on makes and models. You will also need to pay out for installation, unless you choose to do it yourself.

You will also need to decide which the best size to heat your room is. A 10ft by 10ft room would ideally have at least a 4.5Kw stove installed. For those who are passionate about getting the best from their wood burning stove, you may opt for a stove with a back boiler that will heat your water for you too.

Hardwood that has been seasoned and dried for over 12 months will cost around £80 to £120 for two months or so. It’s actually cheaper to purchase them to season yourself. However, you will need some storage space to achieve this.

When it comes to saving money over the course of a year, the Energy Saving Trust say that you will typically save between 10% and 20% of costs over 12 months compared to a gas heated home and up to £400 a year compared to an electric using home.

Sounds like a good deal to us! You’ll be quids in all round and saving every winter.

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