How is a Wood Burning Fireplace Different from a Wood Burning Stove?

On a cold night, sitting by a fireside is considered to be the most wholesome pleasures ever discovered by many. A fire burning safely within the confinement of wood fireplace or a wood stove offers a feeling of comfort. From the beauty of the flames to its warmth, we admire everything about it. Though a lot has been said about the sound and the smell of a wood burning fireplace, the magnificence of a wood fireplace continued to allure many for centuries. Therefore, the manufacturers have come up with the brilliant concept of wood burning stoves while retaining and improvising the grandeur and functional aspects of a wood burning fireplace. Let’s gather an understanding of the two.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood burning fireplaces are built into the hearth, usually surrounded by a stone mantle. A wood burning fireplace and chimney can create a permanent fixture in your home that will emanate comfort and cosiness for generations, if built properly. Usually open at the front that releases a soot and smoke into the air. However, the modern designs include enclosed fireplace inserts that give plenty of heat with fewer emissions.


  • Long lasting for future generations.
  • Efficient new models that have low emissions and high heat output.
  • Classic charm and beauty of a stone hearth.

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are free standing and connected to the chimney or vented outside with a stove pipe. The most amazing benefit of having a wood stove is the flexibility in its location. Wood stoves do not only feature same efficiency and low emissions as a fireplace insert, but generate more radiant heat. They are available in all sorts of styles and colors to complement the modern décor as well as the classic ambience. You can choose the design and venting options keeping the shape of your room in mind.


  • Flexibility in location.
  • Radiant heat output adds more warmth to the room.
  • Availability of a wide range of design and style options.

Irrespective of the unit you choose, a wood burning stove or a fireplace is a value addition to your home.

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