How Can You Get The Best from Your Multi Fuel Stove?

With the UK’s fuel bills running at an all-time high, multi fuel stoves are becoming more popular by the day. Being able to cut back on bills for gas and electricity is proving to be one of the biggest reasons to make a purchase.

Although multi fuel stoves have the name that they do, they are mostly used to burn wood. They can be used to cook and even heat an entire home throughout the coldest of winter months.

Here are our tips to really get the best from multi fuel stoves this winter:

Add a fireplace insert

If you’re looking for the most heat possible from your multi fuel stove, then use a fireplace insert. Designed to increase the heat in your stove, you should be able to heat up your entire home.

Stove Size

The amount of wood that you can burn will be dictated by the size of your stove. This is something that’s important to consider if your home is not optimally insulated as you may need a larger model. Thin walls will need a larger fire, and therefore a larger stove.

Another weak point will be if you prefer to keep windows open to allow better quality of air. If this is the case, then also consider the larger multi fuel stove size.

Which fuels to use

Although there are several fuels that you can use in your stove, the most popular are coal and wood. Coal will tend to burn all the way through for a better efficiency, but another option you may wish to take is peat. Coal is actually peat after it’s had longer to mature.

If wood if your choice, then ensure that it’s been well seasoned and is completely dry. Wood with a high moisture count will tend to cause more smoke and be less efficient. It is also more likely to leave soot deposits in the chimney.

Whatever you choose to fuel your multi fuel stove, the better your home is insulated, the less fuel you’ll need which will save you time and money.



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