How Are Flueless Gas Fires Better?

Gas fires have more recently become very popular in the home. Those who are no longer looking to the more traditional methods of heating the home, are now installing gas fires.

Offering a convenient and elegant method of heating, the gas fire is also healthier. No more dust or fumes to inhale, the gas fire may produce some minor gases but they are not as harmful as you may experience with coal burning. In fact, Defra has stated that we should not be burning coal unless we are in certain residential areas due to the amount of air pollution that it produces. Gas fires are not something that defra is alluding to or are concerned with.

The flueless gas fire offers something different again from the traditional gas fire. It uses a catalytic converter to collect and destroy any gases. They use chemicals that will react with any gases that are captured in order to stop their re-entry into the atmosphere.

This means that there is no concern about being exposed to these dangerous gases. Night times become the time for sleep instead of worry about exposure to dangerous gases. It’s so safe that you can even keep the gas fire on as you sleep.

The most popular place to install the flueless gas fire is in the living room and installation in the bedroom is also popular. Although gases will be destroyed, there will still be some gases that will need to be emitted to the outside of the home.

During the installation of your gas fire, you will need to select where you would like the outlet to be. It will need to pass through the wall. If you have a chimney you can have the gases pass up and out of it.

If you decide that you don’t want a flue for your gas fire, you might even decide to install an electric fire instead. They make excellent alternatives and there is no need for a flue.

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