Horse Flame Stoves

Horse Flame StovesLeeds Stove Centre are pleased to announce that we are stocking a new brand of stoves, Horse Flame Stoves.

These fantastic stoves are manufactured  in Ireland to the very highest quality. Horse Flame Stoves are a sister brand of the popular Olymberyl Stoves who offer a more traditional styled stove than the modern styled horse flame stoves. Not only do they offer modern stlyles, but they also use the latest stove technology to ensure an efficient clean burn system. All of the stoves benefit from a large airwashed glass, add this to the fact that Horse Flame Stoves  Horse Flame Stoves Pony HF 557often have window sizes much larger than rival stoves, your can be sure that your getting a perfect view each time.

Their unique clean burn system works by drawing glass ‘wash’ air from the top of the stove which effectively washes in the inside surfaces of the stove. By using this system you can ensure that your stove window will remain clean and won’t blacken, allowing you to comfortably view the stove.

The majority of the dual air controls which can help achieve a controlled rate of burning. It works by pulling the control for a slower controlled burn and  you push it in to burn the fuel quicker. Furthermore, many of the stoves come with a 5 year guarantee for there castings, this way you can be rest assured that you are receiving a high quality long lasting stove.

The Horse Flame Firepower HF577B

One of our favourite horse flame stoves is the HF577B, until now there has been a limited choice of high output wood and multifuel boiler stoves that can deliver the higher heat output which larger homes or businesses need. The Firepower HF557b is designed specifically to overcome this problem, offering a high heat output stove.

The stove boasts a solid cast iron construction with subtle detail, in addition it also has a supremely practical fire chamber with easy lock double doors. Another feature of the Horse Flame Firepower HF557b is its full view air washed glass, this allows you to view the beautiful flames. It also has a removable baffle plate to allow for easier flue cleaning. Horse Flame Firepower HF57

The stove also boasts a secondary burn chamber which ensures that at least 90% of emitted gases and particles are then re-burned to turn into additional heat and energy. This then results in a cleaner, more efficient combustion of the solid fuel which is much better for the surrounding environment

Only £1695.00* (Inc. VAT)

*Price correct at the time the article was written and is subject to change at anytime without warning.


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