Frequently Asked Questions: Boiler Stoves

If you’ve got a boiler stove and you don’t feel that you’re getting the best from it, you may have the same questions as the ones below that we’ve collected from our clients over the last few months:

I Still Have Fuel In My Stove, But It’s Gone Out. Why Is This?

In this type of situation, the core of the issue is usually that the thermostat either needs to be set higher, or that it is faulty and needs a replacement installed.

Our advice is to refer to your manual. Check whether it’s necessary to fit a heat leak radiator to the stove.

You should also check whether your gravity circulation is working correctly to your hot water tank. If there is a problem with either the heat leak radiator or you have a faulty hot water gravity circuit, then your stove will be shut down by the thermostat automatically.

My Stove Is Burning Through Fuel Too Quickly

This is another scenario that could be related to the thermostat. If the thermostat is set too high, it will create more heat than is necessary. You may need to experiment with different settings in order to keep the stove burning fuel, but for it to be turned off automatically when necessary.

The fuel will burn faster when the circulating pump is on, so you may want to set this on a timer to operate in the morning as opposed to during the night.

Why Doesn’t My Stove Shut Down Properly?

Both the doors of the stove and the thermostat flap will need to be sealed properly. Check that there is no ash or coal affecting them. If the water is very hot still, then there could be an issue with the thermostat.

My Stove is Damp, Why Is This?

This generally occurs when the cold surface of the boiler is hit by warm air when you first light the stove. It should however, dry rapidly after lighting. If you find that it doesn’t it could be that the setting of a pipe thermostat is too low.

If you find that you are having issues with your stove boiler, you may want to call in a registered heating engineer to give it a service.

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