Esse 500 Gas Stove

The Esse 500 Gas Stove

Half of all utility costs in a standard home can be attributed to heating during the winter months. One would think that with all the advancements made throughout the years on everything from computers to cars that drive themselves someone would have come up with a cheaper solution to heat the home. The truth of the matter is that the standard heating systems in most homes do not heat effectively because they rely only on electricity to provide heat. The use of fans to force the heat throughout the home is a costly and ineffective way to heat a home.

Since the dawn of time people have used fire to provide heat during cold periods of the year. The traditional way is with the use of wood, but there are those who are unable to cut wood due to health or age reasons. To get the same heating ability as a woodburning stove without the wear and tear on the body to cut the wood or even the task of keeping the fire going is with the use of gas.

Gas heat provides the same high temperature heating one would get from a woodburning stove that effectively heats the home, but without the added work involved. Walking into a home containing a gas powered stove one is instantly rewarded with a warm environment without the smell of wood burning that can, for some people, be a huge annoyance.

The Look Without the Smell

Most people truly enjoy the smell of wood burning in a home. There is something relaxing about the scent of burning wood that reminds us of a time gone by. However, some people can be a little put off by the wood burning smell of a home. There are even some people that have been known suffer from headaches when introduced to unwanted odours. People who suffer from this also desire a warm home, so a gas stove is the perfect solution.

As some people do not enjoy the smell of the fire, everyone loves the look of a roaring fire inside a stove. There is something warm and inviting about seeing coals ablaze inside a beautifully hand crafted stove. The Esse 500 Gas Stove is the best and most beautiful stove on the market today.

New Age in Gas Stoves

In the past gas stoves have gained a bad reputation. They have been cause for a great many house fires due to gas leaks and a great many deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning. The new age of gas stoves have proven to be far safer than the older style. Improvements have been made through the years in the way the gas is received and used by the gas stove. Far more durable materials are available in the manufacturing process of each and every stove to provide the utmost in safety for every person in the home.

Beautiful New Design

Days gone by brought us a huge, bulky, ugly gas stove sitting in the middle of the room projecting huge amounts of heat throughout the entire house, but providing little in the way of design. The Esse 500 Gas Stove has the same heating power as the overly large heating apparatuses as in times past, but now in a compact beautiful appliance that works well with any décor one could imagine.

It can be difficult to make a fire look as though it came right out of a movie with a traditional woodburning stove, but with the Esse 500 Gas Stove you will never have to re-arrange logs in order to get the perfect wood effect. The stationary gas logs will always look as though they were artfully placed by a set director straight out of Hollywood. The wood will glow and crackle just like a real fire, but without you having to do any wood arranging or even ever having to touch the inside of the stove.

Easier Than Ever

The installation of the Esse 500 Gas Stove could not be any easier. There are no vents to install throughout the home and the customer can opt for a rear or top mounted flume depending on what is desired for the home. In addition to the ease of installation, the unit can even be equipped with a remote control so the user can adjust the heat without ever leaving the comfort of their favourite chair.

If you are in the market for a new gas stove come visit us at today and check out our selection. Our entire selection can be viewed online, but to get the full effect of how your new stove will look in your home and to purchase one today come by the store. We are Leeds Stove Centre and we want to help you with all of your heating needs. The Esse 500 Gas Stove is on display right now in our showroom, so come see us today and let our staff help you find the perfect stove for your home.

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