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Cleanburn Sonderskoven Inset Stove

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The Cleanburn Sønderskoven Inset Stove


High impact, low profile

So you want to reduce emissions and stay cosy without resorting to goats' hair slippers? Here's our answer for style-conscious carbonsavers. The Cleanburn Sønderskoven. (Click on images to enlarge)


The Sønderskoven blends a clean Scandinavian look with fantastically low emissions.


This gorgeous new inset stove is designed for fireplaces where a low profile is required. Just take a look at these figures – all approved and certified.


It features Cleanburn technology for a record-beating performance. The result is a stylish inset stove that's easy on the budget and the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint has never been more chic.


Maximum Heat Output of 6kW


Wood burning efficiency of 75%


Available in 4 different finishes


Single or Double Door


Call our friendly sales staff for our competiitve prices.


PLEASE NOTE: This stove can only be purchased through one of our retail showrooms and are not available to purchase online. Call for details.


Technical Specification & Dimensions:

Heat Output : 6.0kW


Flue Size : 6" (152mm)


Fuel Type : Wood


Max Log Length : 200mm


Flue Options : Rear


Efficiency : 75%


DEFRA Approved : Yes


Weight : 117kgs 


Warranty : Two years



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