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Chimney Cowl

Chimney Cowls and Terminals are extremely important to solve downdraught problems and prevent birds from nesting on top of your chimney. Additionally they prevent leaves and other debris falling down your chimney. Leeds Stove Centre has a wide choice of chimney cowls and terminals to choose from.

Our chimney cowls are not only extremely practical but decorative as well. Our decorative bird guard is designed to fit all chimneys and prevent birds sitting and nesting on your chimney whilst also looking decorative. It can be used with appliances that are fired by oil or solid fuel and can also be used on disused chimneys.

Rotovent Revoloving Chimney Cowls (Pictured). The rotovent solves all problems of downdraught whilst also adding a bit of style to your chimney. Made from stainless steel you can be rest assured that the rotovent chimney cowl will stand the test of time, additionally it has been test from -20°C to 250°C so it is suitable for all weather.

Our ranges of chimney cowls include all purpose regular cowls that are ideal for use on almost all chimney pots. With a large choice of designs including aluminium and brown you can be sure that our all purpose cowls will not look out of place on your chimney. Our all-purpose cowls will withstand temperatures of up to 200°C and are extremely easy to fit.