Common questions about wood burning stoves

If you are considering buying one of many wood burning stoves that are available to you, we explore some of the most commonly asked questions.

What would you like to get from wood burning stoves?

Without stating the obvious, the main reason lots of people consider wood burning stoves is to enable them to heat a room as well as supplying them with sufficient hot water.  But this can be achieved from a gas fire so why choose a wood burning stove?  More and more people are seeing the benefits of these stoves and choosing them as a lifestyle choice.  If you were to visit wood burning stoves, Leeds based companies you will quickly see that there are lots of stylish designs to choose from which can instantly change the look of your living space.  It does not matter whether you live in a cosy cottage in the country or a compact urban flat, because there are both traditional and contemporary wood burning stoves to coves all tastes and requirements.

What designed are available at wood burning stoves, Leeds based companies?

As previously mentioned there is no shortage of design when it comes to wood burning stoves.  There are models available that are three legged, freestanding, some that will swivel (enabling you to direct the heat where you want it) and others with a cylindrical design.  If you want a traditional looking wood burning stove you do not need to worry that these black enamel based stoves will lack modern technology because they are full of it.  Made from steel or cast iron these wood burning stoves are eco friendly and act as practical boilers, enabling you to get hot water from it as well as heating the room of your choice.  Take a look round wood burning stoves, Leeds based companies for inspiration.

A clean glass system?

When shopping for wood burning stoves it is recommended that you consider one that has a clean glass system.  Why?  They will provide you with an unrestricted view of the beautiful flames.  While providing you with fantastic energy efficient heating the wood burning stove will create a warming and cosy ambience for the whole family to enjoy.

Will my wood burning stove be energy efficient?

To put simply, yes it will be.  As previously mentioned these are highly energy efficient as they will run at 87% efficiency compared to 25% that you
would expect from an open coal fire.  Plus these are friendly on the environment.

Will wood burning stoves provide me with an eco friendly choice?

A well designed and made wood burning stove is lined with vermiculite which is used to increase the temperature of the stove, and inevitably will improve the efficiency.  This will save you money on fuel and also means that you are spending less on wood.  Now this is music to our ears.

Hopefully we have answered many of your questions on wood burning stoves and now you can enjoy looking at the large range of designs available at wood burning stoves, Leeds based companies who will be able to answer any further questions you may have.

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