Wood Burning Stoves

As a Tadcaster resident, why should I choose a wood burning stove?

We recently got asked this question by one our customers and we hope to answer this for many customers who ask the same question. You will read further about how Tadcaster stoves can benefit from locally sourced wood, readily available, but first of all, a little about Tadcaster. Tadcaster is a market town and civil parish Continue reading

Multifuel Stoves vs. Woodburning Stoves in Ilkley

Multifuel Stoves vs. Woodburning Stoves in Ilkley When you’re on the hunt for a new stove, you’ll find yourself faced with a few different options to choose from; multifuel stoves and woodburning stoves are two of the most common of these options. Though the main difference between the two is the fuel type that’s used, Continue reading

Wood Burner Owners Warned to Stop Stealing Wood for Use as Firewood

Wood burning stoves are increasing in popularity year after year. This is due in part to the rising cost of fuel and that people are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes. Wood is a renewable resource that is available throughout the world, so it would make sense that more and more people are Continue reading

How to Ensure the Efficiency of Your Wood Stove

How to Ensure the Efficiency of Your Wood Stove The efficiency of a wood burning stove is something that varies from stove to stove, but if you want to get the best from yours, then read on. Efficiency is how much heat you receive in your home compared to how much heat is generated. For Continue reading

Guide to Installing a Woodburning Stove

Leeds Stove Centre Guide to Installing a Woodburning Stove There’s nothing quite as romantic as a wood burning stove full of licking flames. For most of us, it evokes thoughts of a simpler life when there was more time to simply sit and enjoy time spent with family and loved ones. In addition, it’s a Continue reading

Save Money With A Wood Burning Stove In Leeds

  The question is often asked, can spending money on a wood burning stove save you money in the long run? The simple answer, is yes. Though buying a wood burning stove may seem like a large expense at the outset, as time passes it is likely that you will begin to see the price Continue reading

Beat the gas prices – get a wood burning stove

Beat the gas prices – Get a wood burning stove  The demand for wood burning stoves has significantly increased. It is now considered to be the new in thing to have at homes. There are a lot of reasons why more people should opt to go for wood burning stoves instead and here are some Continue reading

Order your stove in time for winter

Order your stove in time for winter! The winter season is definitely fast approaching and the good ‘ol stove will be working hard at your home. May it be cooking dinners for huge family dinners or a quaint dinner for two or simple uses such as making hot chocolate to feel warm and fuzzy in Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Fireplace For Your Home

How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Home A fireplace can be a great addition to your house. They can not only bring warmth and cosiness to your home during winters, it can also add aesthetic value and change the interiors of a room dramatically. Adding a fireplace to your house is no longer Continue reading