Stove Installation

Leeds Stove Centre Fitting Special Offer

Leeds Stove Centre Fitting – Special Offer We all have a great desire to have our homes be a showcase for when our friends come to visit. The showcase atmosphere can be achieved through the addition of specific furniture or fabrics throughout the home. The use of specific colours and artistic touches are relatively easy Continue reading

Guide to Installing a Woodburning Stove

Leeds Stove Centre Guide to Installing a Woodburning Stove There’s nothing quite as romantic as a wood burning stove full of licking flames. For most of us, it evokes thoughts of a simpler life when there was more time to simply sit and enjoy time spent with family and loved ones. In addition, it’s a Continue reading

Add Charm With a Wood Burning Stove

Many people love the warmth and the charm that emanates from a wood burning stove. Some enjoy the lifestyle that a stove offers. Tasks such as the early morning chopping of wood, the carrying of it inside with the dog running close behind and the setting of a roaring fire that can be enjoyed with Continue reading

Stove Renovations in Leeds

Your kitchen would definitely look incomplete without stoves. Stove is an important tool and machine on your house. It enables you to cook and do lots of things using the heat from the stove. In the long period use of your stove probably you might experience some minor malfunctions in the performance of your stove. Continue reading

Wood Burning Stoves: Is Cast Iron or Steel Best?

One of our clients who was recently making a purchase of a wood burning stove, asked whether they should opt for a cast iron or a steel fire. In actual fact, we have a slight preference for steel stoves. You may already be aware that cast iron can actually hold heat better than steel. It’s Continue reading

Why Use a Chimney Liner?

If you’ve heard the term chimney liner, but you’re not sure what it is or why you might need it, read on. We are going to discover what a chimney liner is and whether you need to use one. What is a chimney liner? Whatever heating appliance you have installed in your home, if it Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions: Boiler Stoves

If you’ve got a boiler stove and you don’t feel that you’re getting the best from it, you may have the same questions as the ones below that we’ve collected from our clients over the last few months: I Still Have Fuel In My Stove, But It’s Gone Out. Why Is This? In this type Continue reading

3 Ways Your Wood Stove Will Save You Money & The Environment

If you’re on our blog site, you are either investigating the possibility of buying a wood stove, or you have already got one installed and want to get the maximum return from your investment. Whichever the case is, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can stretch your budget further whilst you help the Continue reading

Reasons to Buy A Wood Burning Stove

Here at Leeds Stove Centre we obviously have many customers who come to us with many different reasons why they have opted to buy a wood burning stove. We thought it would be fun to share these reasons with you so that you can consider whether the wood burning stove is the right choice for Continue reading