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Enjoy Instant Heat from a Leeds’s Gas Stove

Good looks and efficiency are the features that make gas fires a popular choice among users. Gas fires with glass front doors often have efficiency rates in excess of 80% making them extremely effective at warming a home. If you wish to enjoy heat at the press of a button then, a gas stove is Continue reading

Gas Stoves – A Blend of Comfort and Competence

Fireplaces have always been the center of attraction for homeowners who used it for centuries for staying warm, relaxing and cooking their meals. With the passage of time, fireplaces have become more of a home décor item than a necessity, but the allure of fireplaces has not diminished a bit. The changes in the design Continue reading

LilyKing Stoves

Leeds Stove Centre have now received our latest addition to our high quality stove brands. We are now proud to announce that we are now supplying Lilyking Stoves. Lilyking Stoves are extremely well known internationally and in the UK for their extremely high quality wood burning stoves which are coupled with fantastic, beautiful design and Continue reading

New Stove – Esse 525 Flueless Gas Stove

The Esse 525 uses the latest catalytic technology to make sure all burnt gas emissions are ‘scrubbed’ clean and leave the stove as warm clean air. Catalytic technology also offers 100% efficiency. No energy is wasted up a chimney, so all the heat generated warms your room which in turn lowers running costs. The 525 Continue reading

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