Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi-Fuel and Woodburning – The Correct Method of Fuelling

Recently we have had many customers at the Leeds Stove Centre asking if it is the right thing to burn wood on an evening and then add coal before bedtime, close down the air and slumber the stove overnight, or alternatively, to burn coal and then put on a log when they want a larger Continue reading

Multifuel Stoves vs. Woodburning Stoves in Ilkley

Multifuel Stoves vs. Woodburning Stoves in Ilkley When you’re on the hunt for a new stove, you’ll find yourself faced with a few different options to choose from; multifuel stoves and woodburning stoves are two of the most common of these options. Though the main difference between the two is the fuel type that’s used, Continue reading

The Different Examples of Fireplaces

Bradford is one of the coldest yet most attractive places in this world at the present time. The place is well known as a home of high quality fireplaces that are made of durable and fire-resistant materials. And such fireplaces are equipped with excellent features that will keep the house of the residents of Bradford Continue reading

The Marble Fire Places in Yorkshire.

Leeds is one of the most attractive places in the area of West Yorkshire at the present time due to its wonderful nature and beautiful scenes. During winter seasons, this city turns into a very cold place. All of the houses that are present in its area need some reliable fireplaces that can product heat Continue reading

What to Consider When You Buy A New Stove

The wood burning stove has come very popular of late. This is down to the environmental advantages as much as the style and efficient heating method that they offer. Any owner of a stove will find that they soon pay for themselves in savings. However, if you’re considering buying a new stove, you may want Continue reading

Information About Fuels For Multi Fuel Stoves

Since the Clean Air Act was introduced in the UK in 1956, there has been a distinct lack of London smog. It was the burning of coal that was generally at the root of this issue and clean air zones were encouraged by the councils of many towns and cities at this time to combat Continue reading

10 Things To Know About Multi Fuel Stoves

Just as the name says, it’s possible to burn a number of different fuels in a multi fuel stove. These popular heating choices make it easier to be an environmentally friendly household and to avoid the use of financially and environmentally expensive fossil fuels. These reasons are what makes the multi fuel stove so popular. Continue reading

How Can You Get The Best from Your Multi Fuel Stove?

With the UK’s fuel bills running at an all-time high, multi fuel stoves are becoming more popular by the day. Being able to cut back on bills for gas and electricity is proving to be one of the biggest reasons to make a purchase. Although multi fuel stoves have the name that they do, they Continue reading