How Are Flueless Gas Fires Better?

Gas fires have more recently become very popular in the home. Those who are no longer looking to the more traditional methods of heating the home, are now installing gas fires. Offering a convenient and elegant method of heating, the gas fire is also healthier. No more dust or fumes to inhale, the gas fire Continue reading

Get your Stove installed before Christmas

With winter now feeling like it’s already upon us the best way to heat your home in style is to invest in a quality stove from Leeds Stove Centre. As one of the leading suppliers of stoves in the UK Leeds Stove Centre is your one stop shop for authentic home heating products. We have Continue reading

New Stove – Esse 525 Flueless Gas Stove

The Esse 525 uses the latest catalytic technology to make sure all burnt gas emissions are ‘scrubbed’ clean and leave the stove as warm clean air. Catalytic technology also offers 100% efficiency. No energy is wasted up a chimney, so all the heat generated warms your room which in turn lowers running costs. The 525 Continue reading

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